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Why did IRO Odin / RE:start ‘s economy has changed rapidly?

Recently prices on IRO RE:start  started rising rapidly and everyone is considering it as an inflation. So is it actually inflation? Let us find it out.

Few factors which may be the reason for the sudden price hike or the inflation on the server can be as follows:

1. Player have money:

A month ago only a small number of players had a good amount with them, even me and my friends were joining random guilds in WOE so that we can earn a decent salary. In fact, I was wearing NPC equipment during my first WOE there but was unlucky as the day I joined the guild, the leader was broke (lol). Anyways, back to the topic, so those days many players were struggling to even reach 100k or 1million. But now players are having good amount of zeny so they are not thinking much about the price differences of a particular item.


For e.g.: If an item costs generally like 100k to 120k, players won’t mind buying it for 140k to 150k.

This is natural and one of the biggest reason for price hike on Ragnarok Online or any Role Playing Game with market system where if the players don’t mind spending more, resulting in a permanent price hike of that product and the hike will continue as long as the players keep buying them i.e the demand is still there.

2. Illegal Purchase of Zeny:

We can see lot of spammers advertising website links where they sell zeny. This could be a major reason for inflation as some players have actually purchased millions and billions of zeny for real cash. Because of which such players have stopped bargaining for items and started spending excessively.

3. Demand and Supply:

Whenever the demand increases and supply fails to match the increasing demands then the price of the product increases. And due to the recent launch of 2nd job classes the demands of cards, elunium, oridecon and other items/equipment have rised.

4. Silvervine:

As many Quests or events require silvervine, players keep buying silvervine boxes from donators or the questers. Few recent events and these job class launches increased the demand of silvervine but the donators went greedy and overnight they doubled the selling price and in few days it tripled. Currently the cost of silvervine is quadrupled the selling price compared to OCT 2017. So as players are losing zenies here, they started over pricing on their other items on vending to compensate the same.

5. Botters getting banned:

I agree that the scam sites mentioned above in the “illegal purchase of zeny” runs bot army and also might have taken advantages of many bugs, were even many players made billions and most of them got punished too but I doubt if everyone was caught as there are some pro players too who are good at taking advantages of bugs and know how to hide them. Anyways, there are normal players too who runs bots as its difficult to hunt for items on such a low rate server, as most of the population are working adults because when Ragnarok Online was first launched in several countries, we all were in our teenage and now hardly any new teen would play such low quality graphic 2D game (As today most of the gamer’s mentality is that good graphics= good games). Obviously botting is illegal but its always been a backbone of the market of any Ragnarok Online server. Player who keeps complaining about bots buys most of the items farmed by the botters only. If all bots get banned (which they got like 90%) then the server’s economy will crash.


The following example will help to understand:


To hunt a card on this server, for e.g.:  Hydra card (which is the most popular one) you will have to kill more than 2,000 Hydra on an average, if lucky you might get it in the first few kill only or else not even on your 2000Th kill.

Considering most of the population is working so they can play max 2hrs, and in those 2hrs you can never kill 2000 Hydra (considering other players or bots are in the same map and the spawn rate is normal) except in Sunken ship or Payon dungeon, so it becomes difficult to get the card. Few of my friends farmed for weeks for Hydra and Bathory cards, but never been lucky.

So Imagine you finally get a card in the above scenario will you even sell it for 10million? As currently Hydra card rate is 10-15mil and also consider the point that all players are having zeny but the supply from bots completely stopped.

In such situation after a period of time the hydra card you were about to buy for 10 million can reach 20 to 50million within few days. Elunium had once crossed 500k which is now between 300-350k, even oridecon is around 300k these days.


Most of the official server’s GM and teams are aware about this fact, so they won’t mind people botting, even on this IRO Odin server they did the same. This thing is not new and it’s been since botting became popular after launch of Openkore. GM’s only take action after a complaint is raised and not before that as even they don’t want the server to die with less population or the economy gets crashed, or to reach that point where they go in loss.


Apart from all this, if bots get banned or any anti botting application gets added, websites like Ragial will die for this server as they run bots in market just to open and close shops, get price and update the same on their websites.

6. Vendors:

Where most of the vendors try to be competitive and keeps the price lower, there are few who keeps overpricing them. Some of them like to create monopoly like me, where we go and buy all current stock in the market of a particular item which is popular but not available in bulk, so that we can sell them at over price. And even without having any particular forum for vendors to fix any price of item, they have good understanding about market and try to support each other with increasing prices. As discussed earlier people are having lot of cash stashed with them so they don’t care if their products are getting sold or not but they will keep the pricing higher compared to the current rates. Also people like me who create multiple vendors and vend same product on each vendor with different rates to change the value of a product.

7. Ragial:

As this server is blessed with a website like where players can view prices online and can compare it, check max/min/average rate of a product, but there is an issue too that it’s not highly accurate. I will explain it further, as the bots run quickly around market in few cities to check the shops and send the same details to the Ragial’s website, it takes around 10min to collect such information and during this time most of the shops with low price gets sold as players who are moving in the market see any new shop just opened will check the rates (most of the players know the current rates) and found any good discount will purchase immediately, so such prices never gets updated on Ragial, I myself have taken lot of advantage of this where someone opened a shop selling silvervine for 500k just to drop the market price(as per his shop name), but he was unlucky as I purchased it as soon as it opened and could never get updated in Ragial.

Another problem with Ragial is that players are smart, they will over price an item and vend it, keep it on for some time till it gets updated on Ragial and then will purchase the same from another account so that Average price and the max price of the item changes, due to this players later think that the value of the item has increased. Of course there are few smart players too who know how to go for a shopping.


There might be many more reason but I found the above more appealing.

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