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Pure Critical Assassin Cross (SinX) Build for Low and Mid Rate server

Recommended only for PvM and WoE Emperium breaking, but I have seen few people using this build in PvP against heavy defense character like vitality Lord Knights or Paladin as the critical hit ignores defense.



  • All the Equipments are available in game via quest or monster. Custom and battleground gears are not included in this guide.
  • This is just example of critical build, you can take some hints from below and create your own unique build using custom gears available in your server.
  • This Guide may not be perfect so use it just as reference.
  • Critical hits ignore defense so no need of Bloody Roar.
  • Try to use as many foods & buffs you can like eg: Str,Vit,Agi,Luk &  Dex foods and Box Of Gloom, Box of Resentment, Abrasive, Elemental Converters, etc.
  • Shield swapping is really important, most of the katar type SinX do mistake by not swapping to cranial while taking damage from the opponent. To do quick swapping put your katar weapon and shield on two Hot-Keys side by side and if you got Assassin Dagger or Combat Knife put one of those also in another Hot-Key slot. This is really awesome if you are a Sonic type SinX but I will explain about that when I write a post for Sonic SinX.



STR: 90 or 100 or 110
AGI: 100~120
VIT:  25~50
INT: 1
DEX:  30~40
LUK:  40~70


List of equipment which you can use for this build:


Combo Gears:

  • Morrigane’s Helm = LUK + 2, ATK + 3
  • Morrigane’s Manteau = LUK + 2, Perfect Dodge + 8
  • Morrigane’s Belt = ATK + 5, Critical Rate + 3
  • Morrigane’s Pendant = STR + 2, Critical Rate + 3

Combo Bonus = STR + 2, LUK + 9, Critical Rate + 13, ATK + 18, Perfect Dodge + 13


Headgear (Upper):

  • Feather Beret
  • Alice Doll [1]/ Valkyrie Helm [1] / Marionette Doll [1] + Vanberk Card
  • Dark Bacillum + Stalactic Golem card
  • Baphomet Horns


Headgear (mid):

  • Angel/Evil Wing Ears
  • Masquerade
  • Blush of Groom
  • Robo Eye
  • Sunglasses [1] + Vanberk Card


Headgear (lower):

  • Gentleman’s Pipe
  • Gangster Mask
  • Pirate Dagger
  • Father’s White Moustache
  • Gangster Scarf



  • Diabolus Armor [1] /Valkyryie’s Armor [1] / Ninja Suit [1] / Divine Clothes [1] /Thief Clothes [1] / Odin’s Blessing [1] + Evil Druid or Marc card.
  • Odin’s Blessing [1]/ Glittering Jacket [1] + Dark Frame card
  • Thief Clothes [1]/ Dragon Vest [1]/ Pantie [1] – Alicel card



  • Infiltrator [1] + Soldier Skeleton or Mobster Card (PvM)
  • Jur[3] –2x Orc Skeleton card +  Desert Wolf Card (For breaking Emperium)
  • Specialty Jur [4] + 4x Soldier Skeleton Card


If you really want to PvP with this build then you can use the following weapons:

  • Infiltrator [1] + Skel Worker card
  • Katar of Piercing Wind [3] / Katar of Quaking [3] + 2x Hydra card + Skel Worker card


While taking damage from opponent in PvP switch to one of the following weapons:

  • Assassin Dagger
  • Combat Knife
  • Knife[4] + 4x Fabre cards



  • Valkyrie Shield + Thara Frog Card
  • If you don’t have valk shield then use any other shield with Thara Frog card



  • Wool Scarf [1] + Noxious or Raydric Card
  • Nydhorgg’s Shadow Garb [1] + Noxious or Raydric Card
  • Diabolus Manteau [1] + Noxious or Raydric Card
  • You can even use Green Maiden or Bapho Jr. card while attacking if you got good refined garment.



  • Tidal Shoes [1] + Antique Firelock or Green Ferus or Matyr card
  • Diabolus Boots [1] + Antique Firelock or Green Ferus or Matyr card
  • Variant Shoes



  • Thief Ring- If your base agility is 90 or above.
  • Critical Ring
  • Goddess of Fortune’s Cursed Brooch
  • Any slotted accessory + Kobold or Dancing Dragon Card


If I have forgot to mention anything then please update me via your comments, Thanks :D


Player vs Monster (PvM) Thief Branch

Leveling Sinx in_sphinx4 /Killing Anubis Without EDP.

How To Increase sonic Blow Damage On Anubis? You can Kill Anubis in Just 2 sonic Blow by this Guide And You don’t Even require EDP bottles.

If your server got reset stat npc then get the following Stats for leveling in Anubis.

Str 99
Dex 50
Agi Remaining

If your Server don’t have reset Stat npc then Use your current Sonic Blow stats or If you haven’t made Sinx yet then you can take the following stats.

Stats including bonus

Str: 90~120
Dex: 60~70
Agi: 60~70
Vit: Remaining

Equips For Leveling:-

Headgear:- Poo Poo Hat /Feather Beret/ Ghost Bandana/Apple of Archer/Valkyrie Helm

Mid HG: – Masquerade

Lower HG:- Anything

Armor:- Dragon Vest/Pantie[1]/Valkyrie Armour/Diablous Armour/Chain Mail/Thief Clotes
Armor Card: – Porcellio Card

Weapon:- Infiltrator[1]
Weapon Card:- Hydra Card

Garment:- Dragon Manteau/Undershirt[1]/Manteau/Valkyrie Manteau/Wool Scarf/Muffler
Garment Card:- Gaint Whisper Card

FootGear:- Shackles  (If you dont have Bloodied Shackle ball then use Any Foot Gear)
Footgear Card If no Shackle+Bsb :- Matyr Card/Antique Firelock Card

Accessory 1 : Vesper Core 02 / Mantis Ring
Accessory 2: Bloodied Shackle Ball/Vesper Core 02 / Mantis Ring

My Equips on the Server I played.
(Click On Screenshots to View Original Size)

All Equips Are Available in any server except the headgear. The Headgear is A Custom Item but its similar to Poo Poo hat…It gives 10% Damage Reduction From Demi-Humans , +3dex and 5 Defence.

Now What Else You Require Before Killing Anubis?

Awakening Potion:- For attack Speed

HighPriest: If your server have Warper Npc/@warp command then before going to Anubis Map Get Asperio from High Priest. If you don’t Have HP available then Use Fire Elemental Scroll or Enchant Fire Property on Your Weapon but the damage will be lesser and you can’t attack Minorous and Pasana.

Soul Linker: Of Course You Need Assassin Link To Increase Your Damage.

Buffs: Ya You will Always Require Blessing And Increase Agi Level 10

With My equips And SL+Asperio I Do 20k+ Damage on Anubis.

(Click On Screenshots to View Original Size)

Still Not Happy With the Damage? Then Get Whitesmith Buffs. Add A whitesmith in party and take his buff with SL+Asperio.

With My Equips and SL+Asperio+WS Buffs I Do 27k~28k Damage on Anubis.

(Click On Screenshots to View Original Size)

If you still not happy with the damage then use Box Of gloom+Box Of Resentment+ Str,Dex Foods and all Availabe Attack Increasing Items and Get Monk’s skill Ki Translation and get his Spirits To Increase Damage.

Don’t Tell Me you still not Happy with the damage…If so then use Enchant Poison Bottle Skill And do 80~100k Damage Lolz…

SO the Total Things Except Equips You can use to increase your Sonic Blow Damage Are:-

Awakening Potion,Asperio,Buffs,soul link,White smith buffs, Foods and other attack items like box of gloom and box of resentment , Monk’s Ki Translation, And EDP(optional)

Thanks For Reading ^_^

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