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Archer Branch Zeny

Making Zeny With Sniper

Making Zeny On any server Depends upon the Drop rate of the server.

If your Drop rate of server is Good then Go For “Gokurin”-Selling Price 120,000z with over charge 148,000z -Droped By Petite(Sky Petite)  (Mid/High Rate Servers are good)

Equips For Hunting In mjolnir_03 / hu_fild04 / gef_fild06 Killing Petite/Sky Petite for Gokurin

HeadGear Top : Lkh ( or any which gives you max agi/flee/dex/attack on your server)
Headgear Mid : Binoculars ( or any which gives you max agi/flee/dex/hit/damage/attack on your server)
Headgear Lower : Pipe ( or any which gives you max agi/flee/dex/hit/damage/attack on your server)
Armour : Pantie[1]+Alicel Card / Porcellio Card
Weapon : +7~10 Earthen bow[1] + Skeleton Worker Card
Garment : Undershirt[1]+Whisper Card / Dragon Tail Card
Footgear : Black Leather Boots[1]+Male thief bug card/Chonchon Card (best will be Chonchon Card)
Accessory : Vesper core 03 x2 / Orleans Glove+Zerom x2 / Bow Thimble[1]+zerom x2
Arrows : Earth property

Strategy For This Map

Mob all Sky Petite and Then Use Sharp Shooting.


Dex: 99
Agi: 90
Str: Remaining


If your server is Mid rate then Go to Gefenia 01~04 For Diamond Ring, Gold Ring, Silver Ring, Cursed Water, Professional Cooking Kit, Royal Jelly Dropped by Incubus, Succubus,Violy. This Map Is one of the Treasure chest.

Equips For Hunting In Gefenia 01,02,03,04 For Diamond Ring, Gold Ring, Silver Ring, Cursed Water, Professional Cooking Kit, Royal Jelly.

HeadGear Top : Lkh ( or any which gives you max dex/attack on your server)
Headgear Mid : Binoculars ( or any which gives you max dex/hit/damage/attack on your server)
Headgear Lower : Pipe ( or any which gives you max dex/hit/damage/attack on your server)
Armour : Pantie[1]+ Porcellio Card
Weapon : +7~10 Hunter Bow[1] + Skeleton Worker Card (or any other good [2] slotted bow with 2 skeleton Worker Card)
Garment : Undershirt[1]+Dragon Tail Card
Footgear : Black Leather Boots[1]+Male thief bug card/Chonchon Card (best will be Chonchon Card)
Accessory : Vesper core 02/04 x2 / Orleans Glove+Zerom x2 / Bow Thimble[1]+zerom x2
Arrows : Holy property

Here I asked for 1 or 2 Slot Bow because Incubus and Succubus is Demon and shadow were as Violy is Demi human and neutral so you will require different bow but this all 3 monster got 1 similar thing that is Size = Medium.

Strategy For This Map

Just Double Strafe all monster Except False Angel. If you want to kill False Angel then you will Require shadow arrow.


Dex: 99
Agi: 99
Str/luk: Remaining


If you are on Low/Mid Rate then You might love to sell Rare Equips For Millions 10mil~1billion (depending upon Drop rate and market) then you need to think of Orleans Glove,Sniping Suit which is Dropped By Bow Guardians of Thor dun 1 or 3.


HeadGear Top : Lkh ( or any which gives you max agi/flee on your server)
Headgear Mid : Binoculars ( or any which gives you max agi/flee/dex/hit/damage/attack on your server)
Headgear Lower : Pipe ( or any which gives you max agi/flee/dex/hit/damage/attack on your server)
Armour : Pantie[1]+Alicel Card
Weapon : +10 Composite Bow[4] +2 Knight of Abyss / Abysmal Knight + 2 Hydra Card
Garment : Undershirt[1]+Whisper Card
Footgear : Black Leather Boots[1]+Male thief bug card/Chonchon Card (best will be Chonchon Card)
Accessory : Vesper core 03 x2
Arrows : Neutral property

Strategy For This Map

Use Awakening Potion, Attention Concentration , Level 10 Agi, Level 10 Bless , Assumption(optional),Agi/dex Food (optional) and Go Search A Bow Guardian In Thor dun 1 or 3 and Kill him with Ds (try to search with less monsters)
No Need Of Party for doing this. You Can Solo him If you are 90 Level and above.


Dex: 99
Agi: 99
Luk: remaining


If you are on Low rate server then hunt in Gef_fild05 i.e Wild Rose monster’s map which drops Cyfar and Witherless Rose


HeadGear Top : Lkh/Aoa/GB ( or any which gives you max agi/flee on your server)
Headgear Mid : Binoculars ( or any which gives you max agi/flee/dex/hit/damage/attack on your server)
Headgear Lower : Pipe ( or any which gives you max agi/flee/dex/hit/damage/attack on your server)
Armour : Pantie[1]/Tights[1]/Sniping Suit/Mink Coat/+Alicel Card/Porcellio Card/Or any you like
Weapon : +10 Composite Bow[4] +2 Goblin + 2 Desert Wolf Card
Garment : Undershirt[1]/Muffler/Wool scraf+Whisper Card
Footgear : Black Leather Boots[1]/Boot[1]/Tidal shoes+Male thief bug card/Chonchon Card (best will be Chonchon Card)
Accessory : Nimble Gloves or Mantis Rings
Arrows : Stone property

Strategy For This Map

Just Ds or Attack Normally every one.


Dex: 90
Agi: 90
Str: Remaining for Carrying lot of loot.

Thanks For Reading ^_^


Ragnarok Online Old Way to Earn Zennies good for low rate official servers

This is an interesting guide which we found in one of the website


Zeny: How to make it, and save it.

This guide is based on my findings in IRO – Chaos. Some of the tips may not apply with other versions of Ragnarok, and prices used as example may vary from server to server. Overall though, most of these tips will help with all versions of RO. This guide will initially help people who have just started to play Ragnarok, but all the information here can be of use to novice to experienced players.
Everyone wants to be rich. May it be for a fancy headgear, or the best equips for your characters. Earning zeny is one of the main objectives in the game next to having a high levelled character, and having zeny is essential to getting there.

There are a lot of guides out there with helpful ideas, and this guide is a combination of those with a lot of tips from my own discoveries. This guide will inform you of ways you can make zeny from things you may not have been aware of, and most of all, ways to save your zeny so you can take full advantage of your funds when it’s needed.

Starting off:

Welcome to Ragnarok Online! You’re a strong minded novice with a cotton shirt and a knife, and a bunch of novice potions to boot! You want to make it big in this world and make your dreams a reality. So the first thing you should do is plan ahead!
You’ve most likely already decided what class you want to make. Find a build that you like and follow it, or create on yourself. Having a build is essential, as you’ll soon discover, having to remake your character means a lot of wasted time and zeny. Think big! But realisticly. Do reasearch on the mechanics of the game so you know what you’re getting into to avoid future mistakes. Don’t plan your build with things like tarou clips, when mantis clips would be much better. Expensive items may seem like a dream for you, but eventually, you will be able to obtain these things.
[Note: Don’t go making you build based with a full set of god items. We can dream but try and be somewhat realistic :P]
A good starting class is a thief or a swordsman, as they are able to solo effectively and therefore, more loot for you! Theives have the bonus of high flee which means you’ll get hit less (and use less pots). Swordsmen have HP regen skill, which means you will be able to regenerate easier, and also save money on pots.
Be dedicated! As tempting as it might be to make many characters, you’ll soon find your funds running out when you’re trying to support 5 characters equips and needs. Stick to one character if you can, and then have a merchant to back them up for zeny. (Or idealy, you can purely have a merchant class as your main, but merchants are a hard class to have as your first character)
Plan your equips. Do research on what your ideal equips would be, and then aim for them. When starting off, aiming for +0/+4 equips is the best way to go. As you start to make a lot of zeny, you can aim for higher upgraded equips.
Try to avoid getting equips that don’t match up to your needs. For instance, avoid buying NPC equips. Don’t buy a 2 slotted gladius when really, you’d want a 3sl one. Dont buy wormtail clips (+2 dex) when really you’d need zerom clips (+3 dex). Of course the better option is more expensive, and when starting off it may be a difficult goal, but persistance will save you a lot of money in the long run, and you’ll feel more rewarded for it. You’ll also find that reselling the below standard equips will be more difficult, and you’ll end up having to sell them for less than you’d hoped for.
[Archer Classes]
Most people would suggest that making an archer as your first character is a bad idea. I’d agree. Archers rely on arrows to do damage, and you may think that 1z per arrow is not a lot of zeny, but when you consider that it could take you 200 hits to kill a greatest general, that’s 200z, and it doesn’t help to pay to level up.
But for those people who insist on making an archer as your first character, or even as a second or third without the funds to back it up, here’s a helpful hint:
Make use of killing willows (you have to do this anyway to become an archer) and collect more and more of those barren trunks, fine grained trunks and solid trunks. They sell for squat to an NPC (1z each) but if you kindly ask a higher level archer, hunter, bard or dancer who has the arrow crafting skill, they turn into 20 normal arrows a piece. Much more useful than selling them, and it will save you a lot of zeny in your earlier levels.
Zeny and You:
Since I’ve started playing RO, I’ve always had one rule that I’ll tell people even today: “I prefer the free option.” What does this mean? It doesn’t mean that you should expect to get everything for free, but rather to put effort into getting something for yourself, instead of buying it outright. Being lazy is one of the greatest things that will drain your zeny. Need 10 jellopy for a quest? Go out and hunt them! Don’t spend money buying them from a vendor, you’re just making them rich! Need to get to Izlude from Prontera? WALK! That extra 30 seconds won’t kill you! Want Straw hat? Go out and hunt the items to make one! Although some things are very difficult to obtain on your own (for instance getting a whisper card when you’re a low level character with no elemental weapon/attack) a lot of things are easily in your reach, so if you’re able to do it by yourself, then do so!
[The 3 Rules of Zeny Management]
1. You NEED a merchant!
Some people may protest that you don’t need a merchant.
I can not stress enough the importance of having a merchant. With level 10 Discount, Overcharge and Vending, this will be the main factor of all your zeny making.
YOU NEED A MERCHANT. You’ve got 5 character slots, make use of them!
2. Pick up EVERYTHING!
This is pretty self explanatory. Every little bit counts. It all adds up. Also, in this day of Ragnarok, quite a substantial amount of common loot items are needed for other things like quests and headgears. You might end up kicking yourself for missing out on common item that you’ll end up needing later on that you simply didn’t bother to pick up.
3. Empty Bottles – Your Biggest Friend.
For those starting out, you’ll soon find out that the common empty bottle will be the start of your fortune. I’ll explain this in greater detail later.
Zeny Management Strategy #1: Abuse Your Merchant’s Skills.
If you need to buy something from an NPC, let your merchant discount it. If you’re going to sell something to an NPC, let your merchant overcharge it. It’s as simple as that. Put your loot in storage and let the merchant act as your money holder.
Note: Using storage DOES cost money, so don’t feel obliged to put in those 10 Sticky Mucus you just got in storage right away, wait until you’re on the verge of being overweight before unloading your loot. The same goes with your Merchant, take out the loot when your storage is overflowing with items. Be patient with this, every little bit counts.
If you have a fair bit of zeny to deal with, you may find it of use to stock up (or bulk buy) discounted Awakening Potions, Fly Wings, Yggdrasil Leaves, and Blue Gemstones and just leave them in storage for easy access when your other characters needs them. No Merchant sells fully discounted items, and this way you’ll be saving each time.
At at a higher level, if you wish to keep a small amount of zeny on each character for those buying emergencies, and don’t want to give all your loot to your merchant to overcharge, a process I’ve adapted is to only hoard items that sell to an NPC for over 200z for your merchant, such as Zargons, Manacles and Mud Lumps, and anything that sells for less, sell to an NPC to give your character that extra bit of cash.
Zeny Management Strategy #2: Empty Bottles, Fruits, Herbs, Worm Peelings and Jellopys are your friends.
There is a NPC in Al De Baran that converts Worm Peelings and Jellopies into Red Potions for you to use while levelling.
You need:
Worm Peeling x1 = Red Potion x1
Jellopy x10 = Red Potion x1
Alternatively, there is a NPC in Alberta that converts Jellopy into Red Potions or Carrots.
You need:
Jellopy x10 = Red Potion x1
Jellopy x3 = Carrot x1
A cheaper way to get to Alberta from Izlude is to talk to this NPC. Ask him how to get to Alberta and then tell him that you’re broke and tired of walking. He’ll take you to Alberta for only 250z.
Now if you’re pumping Red Potions every time you want to level your characters, than getting Red Potions basically for free is your main option here. But I prefer to use my Jellopy to make Carrots. Why? Because by doing the juice quest, using the Carrots and Empty Bottles, I can sell Carrot Juice to players to feed their pet Lunatics for 200z+ a piece. The same goes with other fruits, Apple Juice goes for approximately 200z, Banana Juice 300z+ and Grape Juice for a whopping 2000z.
How to do the juice quest:
To do the juice quest, you first need a piece of meat.
Meat x1
You can find a meat merchant in Prontera (63,124) who will sell it to you for 50z, or 38z full discounted.
Go upstairs in the PVP room in Prontera (204,188). Talk to the mother, then to her son. Show him the meat but DO NOT give it to him. Speak to the mother again and she will tell you about a man who makes juice.
This man is located in a building in the top centre of the new Payon. (155,325)
To make Juice you need:
Apple x1 + Empty Bottle x1 + 3z = Apple Juice x1
Carrot x1 + Empty Bottle x1 + 3z = Carrot Juice x1
Banana x1 + Empty Bottle x1 + 3z = Banana Juice x1
Grape x1 + Empty Bottle x1 + 3z = Grape Juice x1
Now if you are in dire need of pots to level your character, a much cheaper alternative to buying them is to make your own potions. In the south room of the Merchant guild in Alberta is a NPC who will make them for you.
To make potions you need:
Red Herb x2 + Empty Bottle x1 = Red Potion x1
Red Herb x1 + Yellow Herb x1 + Empty Bottle x1 = Orange Potion Potion x1
Yellow Herb x2 + Empty Bottle x1 = Yellow Potion x1
White Herb x2 + Empty Bottle x1 = White Potion x1
Blue Herb x2 + Empty Bottle x1 = Blue Potion x1
Green Herb x2 + Empty Bottle x1 = Green Potion x1
Note: It is not cost effective to make Green Potions. The cost of the empty bottle far exceeds the price that they can be bought for from an NPC.
You can also sell the empty bottles to other players who need them for the same reasons, to make holy water, or for the walking hp regen swordy skill. But this can be a long process.
A good way to get empty bottles:
You can do this with any class character, but it is much quicker with a class that has an AOA skill (Area of Attack), for instance, a mage with thunder storm, a hunter with blitz beat or a swordy with magnum break. Go visit Ant Hell (three maps south from inside Prontera) and right near the entrance spawns a lot of Andre ant eggs. Use the AOA skills to kill them all at once, and pick up all the empty bottles, phracron, iron ore, and if you’re lucky, ant egg cards you find. Within an hour you can have 300+ empty bottles and a whole lot of loot! Just make sure you look out for Maya Purple who likes to hang around and kill anything in her path.
Zeny Management Strategy #3: All Hail the Blue Plants.
This method is best used by a Thief class character. It’s quite simple, find a Blue Plant, steal from it, and then kill it. Get all the Blue Herbs, Grapes, Shoots, Stems and anything else they drop. Turn the Blue Herbs into Blue Potions in Alberta (or make with an Alchemist) and they sell for up to 6k each.
Grapes turn into Grape Juice, Stems are used to make Alcohol by Alchemists, and Shoots can be sold for 300-500z, as it is food for pet Deviruchis.
The best place to find lots of Blue Plants is in the centre of the map one west from Rockers in Prontera. (From Prontera, go south, west, and west) Under a tree surrounded by water spawns 4 plants. This place is highly camped by other Blue Herb hunters, so be fair, offer to make a deal about sharing the plants, or you can try other places.
The other best place to find Blue Plants, is at the Yggdrasil Tree map before Niffleheim. To get there from Umbala, head to the top exit, then fwing/teleport/fight your way through to the centre portal on the next two maps. This map has all plants, including many Shining Plants, but you can NOT memo here, or even relog here. You will be sent back to your save point.
This location is the most popular for herb hunters.
Zeny Management Strategy #4 – Supply the Public With What They Need!
Using your Merchant, DC Tool Shop items such as Potions, ASPD Potions, Yggdrasil Leaves, Fly Wings, Butterfly Wings, Blue Gemstones, Traps and Arrows. Then sell them at fair prices in places they are in great need, for instance:
Red pots, Orange pots, fly wings, butterfly wings, silver arrows – Sell them just outside the caves in Archer Village, Payon. These will sell out fast, low level characters are in high need of the pots, and higher level characters are too lazy to walk the 4 levels of Payon caves to get where they want to be. Aldo the majority of the monsters here will be weak to silver arrows so they are in great need.
Ygg Leaves, blue gems, white pots, fly wings, bwings, fire arrows, traps – These sell very well outside of the clock tower in Al De Baran, outside of the north of GH, or in the centre of the cross in GH churchyard. Fly wings sell out like hotcakes outside the clock tower, as most wizards/sages/mages have to equip a phen and heal accessory, rather than a teleport belt. Fly wings are useful for them as it saves them from switching accessories all the time, and they are also much quicker to use as a hotkey to escape those near death situations.
Hunters always need traps and fire arrows outside of CT, and bwings are generally in a lot of need for low leveled characters who portal hopped to GH and don’t want to die to get back.
Concs, awakes and orange pots – These are in high demand at the entrance to level 2 of Toy Factory for all those thiefs, rogues, battle acos, etc who want some fast exp from myst cases.
Silver arrows, concs, awakes, assorted pots – In great need at the orc dungeon. Silver arrows do more damage to zenorcs and the undead in the dungeons there. But I would not recommend vending outside the dungeon as I can almost guarantee you will die. (And when you die, your shop closes)
Where to get fire & silver arrows:
Fire arrows can be purchased on the sunken ship island tool dealer, and silvers can be purchased at archer village tool dealer.
Tip for vending: Check your opponent’s prices. If you are the cheapest vender in the area, even if it’s only by 1z, people will buy from you instead.
Zeny Management Strategy #5 – Do some research!
Now if only I had known what I do now when I first started playing RO. If you are new to this game I URGE you to do some research on this. I will hopelessly admit that when I first started playing, I was selling r.eluniums to NPCs because I had no idea what they were for, and what they were worth.
Check up on items, quests, EVERYTHING, you may not know it but those items you have horded in your training session could be worth a lot more to someone else than the NPC you were going to sell it to. Check things like headgear quests, what certain pets eat, and take your time to look through Prontera to get an idea of what items are really worth.
A well informed merchant is a good merchant.
Zeny Management Strategy #6 – How You Advertise Yourself Can Make You Rich.
Your shop name might not seem very important, but it is a key factor on how successful you are. The general idea is if you are selling something in high demand, list what it is. If you’re selling pots, have a shop name of “POTS”. If your selling awakes DO NOT have your shop name as “LOOK HERE PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ”. Remember those novices who come up and beg, “zeny plz, tank plz, warp plz”? Remember how much you HATE beggars? Well your customers hate beggars too, so DONT BEG WITH YOUR SHOP NAME.
Now, if you have too much of an assortment of items, and they all wont fit in your shop name, use something that will grab the attention of possible buyers. I do NOT mean have “QUITTING SALE” because frankly, we’ve all learnt to ignore these things. Use a name people can relate to, or maybe find funny, it makes them feel obliged to have a look at what’s inside.
For example: On my merchant, I’m generally selling a lot of assorted junk. So what shop name do I use? “SEX!”… Sex really does sell, and I’ve gotten many messages from people saying how my shop name grabbed their attention, and even other people have started to copy me
Vending Etiquette: Place your merchant in a place where people can easily find you, but do not block off other merchants, or let them block you off. If the vending area is too crowded your shop name could be smothered by other people’s shops and no one will ever find you in the mess.
Zeny Management Strategy #7 – Money Makes Money!
This may be a long process, but the profits are worth it. Look around for cheap deals. Find things which are GREATLY under priced (i.e.: Eluniums for 30k) and buy and re-sell them. Sell them cheap too, but priced enough so you still make a nice profit.
A good way to find deals is to listen to the merchants spamming Prontera with the things they want to sell. If they’re spamming what they have to offer, it generally means they need the zeny fast and will price their items cheaper to sell fast. The same goes for merchants buy-spamming. If you have an item they might need, the chances are they need the item fast, and will pay a good sum for it.
But one key note is, if you are uncertain of the true value of an item, DONT BUY IT. If you’ve paid too much you’ll be kicking yourself for it for the next month, but if you don’t, you have lost nothing.
Zeny Management Strategy #8 – Kafra is a Greedy Corporation.
Kafra warps cost a LOT, especially to people with a small amount of zeny. So how do you avoid losing your money to the zeny-sucking warp service? 1: WALK! The exercise will do you good! (and you could find some more loot on the way! :P) but if you are lazy then 2: Ask a priest/acolyte NICELY. Don’t force them to do your bidding because they are doing YOU the favor. Pay them 1k for each warp they give you, it’s cheaper than Kafra, and it’s their blue gems they are using for you. But, to further save money on this, DC some bgems for each of your characters, and exchange them for warps instead. It’s less than half the price.
And don’t forget to say thank you!
But for those times that you’ve resorted to using Kafra services, at least theres some compensation! In Al De Baren there is the Kafra Headquarters where you can exhange Kafra points (earned by using Kafra services) for items, or for the lottery draw. Items vary from white pots/blue pots/awakes and an assortment of different items, but getting back something from all those warps you used will still help out greatly.
Zeny Management Strategy #9 – The OBB Quest
The OBB (Old Blue Box) quest, is now one of the best known quests in Ragnarok. Why? Because people are making millions off it.
Note: This is in IRO! The majority of other servers DO NOT have the OBB quest.
The OBB NPC is located in Comodo (69,195)
Speak to him and select “Boyfriend/Girlfriend Problems”, and he will then give you advice. Speak to him again and the dialog will say “You feel that you have missed something”. Keep talking to him continuosly and eventually he will tell you about the quest, and then give you an OBB in exchange for the items.
Note: It’s much quicker to just talk to the old man and spam-press the enter key.
To make OBBs, you need:
Brigan x10 + Cyfar x50 + Clam Shell x15 + Crab Shell x10 = Old Blue Box x1
Crab and Clam Shells can be bought from the NPC located at the end of the pier in Comodo (295,125).
Clam Shell – 56z -> 42z (Full DC)
Crab Shell – 90z -> 68z (Full DC)
Cyfar and Brigan are dropped in many locations, but the best places to find them are:
1. Orc Village (Teleport from Prontera/Geffen): Orc Ladies drop Cyfar.
2. Wild Roses (One left and north of Geffen): LOTS of Cyfar.
3. Prisons (GH): Injustice drop both Cyfar and Brigan.
4. Comodo Beach: Ragglers drop both Cyfar and Brigan, and Shellfish + Crabs are there for shells too.
5. Turtle Island Surface: Spring Rabbits drop both Cyfar and Brigan.
There are three ways to utilize the OBB quest, and which you choose is up to you:
1: Sell your Brigans and Cyfar. Going price is about 900z for each
2. Make the OBBs and sell them. (Going price 77k)
3: Make OBBs and try your luck with opening them. You might just get a rare.
Zeny Management Strategy #10 – In-Game Events.
This also requires some research. Find out about future in-game events, future headgears, and future quests and what items they need and stock up on them! By the time they come around, you will be well prepared for the flood of customers wanting the items you have to offer.
For example: After a few months of hoarding items, I had about 1000 Trunks which I intended to sell to customers who wanted to make Sakkats, or who needed them for Merchant Job Quests. I would vend them occasionally for 100z but they were not in great demand so they didn’t sell.
Just recently iRO released the Christmas patch which had a new quest that required 20 Trunks. Like all new quests the items were in great demand and I was able to vend all 1000 Trunks on the first day for up to 5k each. This made me a nice sum of 5m for a generally useless and cheap item.
Zeny Management Strategy #11 – Long Term Investments.
Make a Money Maker.
There are three main options when making a character to help build your funds:
A Gank Rogue (or any sort of dagger Rogue with level 4-10 Gank).
A Pure Forge Blacksmith, or
A Pure Potting Alchemist.
Gank Rogues in my opinion, are the #1 money makers. Gank, is a Godsend. Because you are auto-stealing while fighting a monster, you get double the amount of loot, which means double the amount of Zeny. Also for you lazy people, it means you can save time on picking up loot, as ganked items automatically get put into your inventory while you level.
There is also the increased chance of getting rarer items. For example, with my gank rogue, I have picked up the following rares (they were all auto-stolen, not dropped)
– Numerous OBB’s
– 3 pairs of s.Shoes
– 2 Poring Hats
– Endless amounts of Elunium and Oridecon.
Having a Gank Rogue as your primary or secondary character will let you watch the Zeny roll in. The higher levelled it is, the more places you can travel to and get better loot.
An example is a guildsman of mine who has a level 9x Rogue. He solos Magma Dungeon and gets over 2m worth of loot in one training session. Because of his high flee, his Healing Clip, and the amount of White Potions/Mastela Fruit that drop there, he does not need to buy potions to level, and also saves himself a lot of Zeny.
Pure Forge/Potting Blacksmiths/Alchemists are time consuming and costly to make, but when you have a good one, they are really worth it.
Forge elemental weapons and sell them at high prices, or refine the hundreds upon hundreds of iron and iron ore you have and turn them into steel which sells at a much nicer price.
Alchemists are able to make potions, Alcohol, WoE potions (Acids, Bombs, Plant Bottles, etc) and Condensed (Slim) potions for a lot cheaper than buying them outright, or using the NPC in Alberta.
White, Blue, and Condensed Potions sell for a lot as WoE makes great use of them, and therefore the higher sucess chance you have at making them, the more profit you will get.
iRO has now implemented a point system which allows the community to see good forgers/potters. Having your name listed on this will increase your customer range and you’ll soon find yourself getting requests for potting or forging.
Zeny Management Strategy #12 – Sometimes it Helps to Hunt Rares.
Although there is never any guarantee that you’ll ever get a rare while you’re hunting one, spending time in a high-rare chance area could kick start you on your way to making millions. It also helps to hunt items that are in great demand, as ones that aren’t desired as much will take a while to sell, and by that stage you’ll most likely lower the price just to get it off your hands.
While hunting rares it also is ideal to go to a place that suits your level and character. Rare hunting while gaining easy exp makes the process less painful if you come out empty handed. It can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 days to finally get a rare, so you’ll want to get something else while you’re at it.
Also don’t try to hunt rares in places that are too difficult for you. Dying constantly doesn’t make it any easier, and in the worst case scenario, a rare might drop but you’ll die before you get to pick it up.
Good rare hunting locations:
Payon dungeon level 3: Hydra pit
On this map are Bonguns, Munaks, Skeleton Archers, Hydras and one ninetails.
Just a bit north of the center of this map is a pool of water that spawns a mob of hydras. Use a wizard, hunter or some other character with an area attack to kill these off easily. Bonguns and Munaks will easily fall to a firewall, but Ninetails might be a problem, so just fly wing away if you can’t handle it.
The mass killing of hydras will increase your chance of getting a hydra card, as well as the off chance of getting, munak/bongun hats, apple of archer or an OBB from monsters that come to pester you during your hydra killing fest.
Another hydra pit is located on Amatsu field. This place is ideal for agi characters as the kaphas are great job exp. Knights can bowling bash the hydras while gaining exp from kaphas and other monsters. This map is also full of loot, including cyfars.
Mids: Minos, mummies and verits, oh my!
Ideal for agi class, monks, sins, knights, rogues. Ice weapons are your friend here. Minos, mummies and verits. Each card is worth over a mill and in great demand. Ideal for people wanting to level their characters from 70+. Immortal hearts dropped by verits are also a battle alchemist’s best friend, as they are used to make acid bottles. Stock up on them and sell them for more than you would get from an npc.
Argiopes: Rares for mage types
This is best for mages, as theyll be gaining a LOT of exp while having a wide variety of rares to pick from., mantis card, argiope card, flora card, and an unlimited supply of rough eluniums. Bug legs and maneater blossoms are also needed for knight job change quests so you’ll fetch a nice price for them if vended in the right spot.
Zenorcs: Can you say “Overweight”?
Basically any class can do well here. Exp is great for 60+ people to get to 70. Not too many rares here, but theres so much loot that you’ll make up for the lack of rares with basic overcharge goods. Battlesmiths have the advantage as they can put their loot in their carts, where others will find themselves getting overweight very quickly. Other than the basic loot, theres still some good rares out there: Zenorc card, orc skeleton card, drainliar card, rough elunium and oridecon, orc helms, and smaller goodies such as sardoynx, shining stones (petite tame) and old magic books (for bapho jnr tame)
GH Chiv: Your high levelled rare factory
GH Chiv is only recommended for those who can handle it. Parties do best here at most, but its worth it. Rayric cards, s.chainmail, pure eluniums, khalitz cards, small ribbons, crystal pumps, bone helms, mirror sheilds, iron cain, arbalest bows, s.full plate, s.sheilds, s.helms, pole axe the list goes on…
Hunters in particular will have a field day here.
I’m a novice with nothing but my cotton shirt and knife, and I want to make some quick cash to buy some NPC equips for my new character.
Mushroom hunting time!
This method is best if you have some way of vending the items you get, because leaving up a chat may prove to take a while (but if you sell for well under market price you will probably get a buyer)
Outside of Alberta, and one screen down is a map full of wormtails. In the bottom right of this map is a group of red mushrooms.
(will provide screenshots soon)
Spend an hour there, and collect up all the:
Poison Spores: Needed to alchemy, quests, etc (hard to sell)
Mushroom Spores: Needed for quests (hard to sell)
Alcohol – 10k~ each
Karvodailnirol – Needed for Deadly poison/Dye making – 30k~ each
Red Bloods – popular for endows/arrows, 2k~ each
Dew Laden Moss – Spore Tame, 5k~ each

Note: This Guide is not mine but i made few changes to understand but still its very old guide but good for official low rate servers

Thanks For Reading ^_^


Ragnarok Online How To make More Zeny Faster and Become Rich in game.

 First thing Making More Zeny Depends on the server you playing and The drop rates.


Hunt only the following things if the drop rates are good(higher than normal).

Gold- Selling Price 100,000z with Over Charge 124,000z – Droped By Increase Soil/Mi Gao,Dokebi,Am Nut,Mineral,Plasma,Grand Peco etc.

Treasure Box-Selling Price 150,000z with Over Charge 184,000z -Droped By Acidus(golden Colour)

Gokurin-Selling Price 120,000z with over charge 148,000z -Droped By Petite(Sky Petite)

Also Try To Hunt If Server Have Market for following:-

IF People Buying some type Equipments every time Then Try To Hunt them always if it gives good zeny.

IF People Needs Lot of Elunium and Oridecons then hunt them always if it gives good zeny.

IF People Buy lot Of Blue Potion,White Potion or Condensed/slim potions then Make One Dex/Luk BioChemist.

If People Still Buy lot of Very Very Strong Weapons Made By Blacksmith and White Smith then make one WhiteSmith.

Try Refining Luck…If your real life luck is good then upgrade equips and sell it for higher cost.

Buying & Selling:-

This the important Step For Earning Huge Zeny Profits. Spend 1-2hrs in Market Area and Earn lot.
It Works like this…just buy any good stuff for lower and sell it same for higher. Many Ingame Rich People Do Same..And it Really works..i Personally Do This In Every Server.

Dream To Make 100million zeny or 1Billion Zeny is not Hard at all (My highest zeny was 56billion on 1 server made in 2months and Equipments worth 75billion+).You just need to use common sense and find the way to make faster zeny by hunting or buying & selling  or By Refining.The Best Thing is to be active in market and keep looking for good deals always.Even on low Rate(official servers) you can make 1billion within 1month easily and if you are good enough in business then you can make upto 10billion.

Always try to Find out what is rare and what is sold more in your server and hunt for same.

 Zeny is not Everything but its always useful.Zeny is not important in many server where market is not that much active and good on such servers i will say to only concentrate on your equipments.

After Having Enough Zeny you can Start your own Guild with 70+ Members by paying them higher salary than others and fight for you (this rocks!!! all will talk about you every where)

Donating to server is not Required as you can earn faster zeny and buy same donation Equipments from others in exchange with zeny. /GG

Happy Earning Zenny ^^

Thanks For Reading ^^

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