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War of Emperium (WoE)

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Player vs Monster (PvM) Swordman Branch War of Emperium (WoE)

Working on WoE/PvM Lord Knight Build [Prototype]

As I wrote in my previous post that I have joined some Low Rate server for WoE and I am working on a Lord Knight Build for WoE as well as PvM.

On this server I am trying to make kind of Hybrid Lord Knight which can kill or paralyze low hp characters like High Wizards, especially snipers and others.

Here are few advantages of playing low rate server which you can consider while selecting a Lord Knight Build.

1)      Creators do not spam Acid Demonstration much on you as they got limited AD bottles if it’s difficult to bot or got Harmony installed.

2)      Champion’s Asura damage is low if there is no stats reset npc so you can lower your vitality and invest on agility or any other stat.

3)      Most of your opponents won’t have proper gears or godly items so you won’t receive much damage from them.


1)      Even it would take a lot of time to get you properly equipped.

2)      Most of the low rate servers have @storage command disabled so you can carry limited amount of supplies during WoE.

3)      Think twice before going for any build because it won’t be easy to hunt gears or reset your stats and skills.

After thinking all the advantages and disadvantages I have decided to make such hybrid LK which can be used for killing or paralyzing players as well as breaking the Emperium and working as a tank for my guild. I won’t suggest using this kind of Lord Knight in PvP but if you are good in switching gears and know the weakness of your opponents then you can go for it.

The build on which I am working (It’s not complete thou):

Stats (excluding bonus and buffs):

str 95 or above (base so that I get the +20 attack bonus from Krasnaya [3])

vit around 85

dex 50~55

agi 30~35

int 1

luk 1

My current stats Screenshot

 1 (1)

Skills as Swordman :

Sword Mastery Level    10

Two-Handed Sword Mastery      Level    10

Increase Recuperative Power    Level    8

Bash      Level    10

Provoke               Level    5

Magnum Break Level    5

Endure Level    1

Moving HP Recovery      Level    1              Quest Skill

Fatal Blow           Level    1              Quest Skill

Auto Berserk     Level    1              Quest Skill



Skill as Lord Knight:

Spear Mastery  Level    10

Pierce   Level    3

Spear Boomerang            Level    4

Two-Hand Quicken         Level    10

Auto Counter    Level    5

Bowling Bash     Level    10

Riding    Level    1

Cavalry Mastery               Level    5

Aura Blade          Level    5

Parrying               Level    10

Concentration   Level    5

Berserk                Level    1

One-Hand Quicken         Level    1              Soul Linked

Charge Attack    Level    1              Quest Skill

Screenshot of my Lk skills but they are still incomplete



1)      Level will be easy because you can use Two Handed Quicken+ Parrying which will give you good attack speed and will require less amount on potions as you parrying helps to block attacks from opponents.

2)      You have all the basic Masteries of weapons i.e One Hand Sword,Two Handed Sword and Spear Mastery which gives an advantage that you can use all weapons which are available for Lord Knight class.

3)      You can even use Shield and One-Hand Quicken which can help you in WoE.

4)      You get high attack speed even with low agility.

5)      You get decent attack speed (nearly 181~183) and dps.

6)      You can use both one handed sword when linked and two handed sword when dispelled or link goes.

7)      Using Spear Boomerang you can deliver status to High Wizards, Snipers or other classes.

8)      Got a decent Hp when fully equipped and max levelled so that you can tank most of the attacks including asura damage.

9)      You can even kill snipers and high wizards. I always try to kill the trapper first while I am tanking so that my guild can walk easily without getting stuck on traps then my next target would be Bard/Clown which use Poem of Bragi as they focus mostly on int/dex and don’t have much hp.

10)   You can even kill creators and champions as they are one of the biggest threat to Lord knights but on low rates the story is different as they creators got limited amount of AD bottles and both champions as well as the creator got low hp so you can Bash stun and bowling bash to death xD.



1)      You won’t have any spear skills except Spear Boomerang.

2)      Decrease Agility skill can create problem.

Magician Branch Player vs Player (PvP) War of Emperium (WoE)

Wizard & High Wizard Equipments for PvP/WoE

All the Equipments are available in game via quest or monster drops or Battlegrounds. Custom equipment are not included.
This are just examples of build, you can take some hints from below and create your own unique build using custom gears available in your server.

Note: Try to use as many foods & buffs you can like eg: Int,Vit,Agi &  Dex foods and Box Of Gloom, etc.

Head Gear
  • Feather Beret, Beret, Poo Poo Hat – 10% from Demihuman damage reduction. 
  • Apple of Archer,Ramen Hat – DEX bonus 
Mid Head Gear
  • Sunglasses [1] – If you want to insert any card
  • Robo Eye – +1dex and 2% Matk
  • Blush of Groom –  3% from Demihuman damage reduction.
Lower Head Gear
  • Gentleman’s Pipe –  2% from Demihuman damage reduction.
–  Cards for Head Gear( if you are using any slotted headgear)
  • Clock Tower Manager Card –  Reduce casting time
  • Dark Illusion Card –  Reduce casting time
  • Kathryne Keyron Card – Reduce casting time
  • Marduk Card – Immunity to silence
  • Silk Robe [1] – Preferred on low rate servers.
  • Diablos Robe [1] – Reduce skill delay by 10%
  • Valkyrie’s Armor [1] – All stats +1,  50% Silence Resist & Indestructible
  • Warlock’s Battle Robe [1] – Obtained from Battleground
–  Cards for Armor
  • Agav Card – MATK
  • Evil Druid Card – Immune to Stone Curse & Freeze
  • Marc Card – Immune to Freeze
  • Observation Card – Suggested for PvP if you need to invest on vit.
  • Pest Card – Best Against Snipers to auto cast stone curse
  • Rybio Card –  Best Against Snipers to auto cast stun.
  • Warlock’s Magic Wand – Obtained from battle grounds
  • Staff of Destruction [1] –  MATK + 25%, INT + 3, AGI + 10 & reduces casting time of Amplify Magic by 50% & each Refinement in multiples of 2 (+2, +4, +6, +8, +10) increases MATK by 1%.
  • Wizardry Staff- INT + 6, DEX + 2, MATK + 15%
  • Thorn Staff of Darkness –  MATK + 20%, INT + 3, Dex + 3
  • Lich’s Bone Wand [2] –  MATK + 20%, INT + 1, DEX + 1, Refine Rate 9~10= bonus MATK + 3%, Maximum SP + 300.
  • Staff of Piercing – MATK + 15%, INT + 4 , ignore 10% MDEF of target.
  • Survivor’s Rod [1]  – +4 Dex/Int, 400 HP, MATK +15%
  • Combat Knife – Use CK only if you are good at switching equips(while receiving damage), or else don’t use.
– Cards for Weapon 
  • Drops Card – Dex +1
  • Necromancer Card – +1 int, 2 MDEF pierce. 
  • Hill Wind Card – 5% more damage with Thunder Storm, Jupitel Thunder and Lord of Vermilion.
  • Laurell Weinder Card – 3% more damage with Frost Nova and Storm Gust.
  • Red Ferus Card – 5% more damage with Fire Pillar and Meteor Storm.
  • Death word Card – 5% more damage with Soul Strike, Napalm Beat, Napalm Vulcan.
  • Pitman Card – 5% more damage with Earth Spike and Heavens Drive.
  • Pasana Card – Good against Professor in duel
  • Swordfish Card Good against Professor in duel
  • Valkyrja’s Shield [1] – 20% Fire, Water, Shadow and Undead Property resist
  • Orlean’s Server [1] – Use this shield if you are using Orlean’s Glove
–  Cards for Shield 
  • Thara Frog Card – 30% Demi-human resist
  • Horn Card – 35% damage reduction from Long-Range attacks
  • Valkyrie’s Manteau – Valkyrie Combo
  • Wool Scarf [1] – Tidal shoes combo
  • Commander’s Manteau [1] – Battleground Equip
  • Diablos Manteau [1] – Diablos Boot combo
  • Nydhorgg’s Shadow Garb [1] – 7% resistance to all Elements.
– Cards for Garment 
  • Raydric Card – 20% Neutral Property Resist.
  • Noxious Card – Reduction in long ranged attacks by 10% and Neutral damage by 10%. 
  • Salamander Card – 40% more Meteor Storm damage.
  • Marse Card – 30% Water Property  resist.(Good against Professor or another wizard in duel)
  • Jakk Card30% Fire Property  resist.(Good against Professor or another wizard in duel)
  • Frilldora Card– lvl 1 Cloaking
  • Valkyrie’s Shoes [1] – If using Valkyrie combo
  • Tidal Shoes [1] – Wool Scarf Combo
  • Diablos Boots [1] – Diablos Manteau Combo.
  • Combat Boots [1] – Battlegrounds
  • Variant Shoes – 20% HP/SP
– Footgear Cards
  • Green Ferus Card – + 1 VIT, and 10% HP. (Best according to me)
  • Matyr Card– 10% HP 
  • Orleans Glove [1] – Very Important Accessory
  • Glove [1] – +1 Dex (use only if its hard to get Orleans Glove)
– Accessory Cards
  • Zerom Card – +3 DEX
  • Smokie Card – lvl 1 Hide
Note: You don’t have to get all the above gears and cards, its just a guide from which you can pick some random gears and cards to make new combo for your Wizard/High Wizard.

For eg: You can make a Wizard who does max damage with Meteor Storm Skill and for that you can use Salamander and Red Ferus Card.

Some of My Screenshot



War of Emperium (WoE)

WOE Trick – Emblem Switching.

WOE Trick – Emblem Switching.

During War Of Emperium only thing People First See is the Guild Emblem above the player’s Spirit.

So If you want to make WOE really Hard then Keep Changing Emblem During WOE.

First If you think your Guild is in trouble because breakers cannot enter for what ever reasons like getting detected or too much defence.Then Switch to Invisible Emblem or Clone other guild emblem.

Invisible Emblem:-

This is A Common Trick used by most of the guilds who want there breakers to enter without getting in trouble. For Example:- if your breaker(sinx) got sight and he came out but he was quick enough to cloak again then players cannot find it as they didnot saw any other guild emblem.

This Trick is also Good for Stalkers who are Guild Leaders and Want to EC/UC in Castle.

To Use Invisible Emblem Right Click on Following Emblem and save it.

The Above Emblem is In Pink Colour but when you put in Ragnarok Server it becomes Transparent.
Or You Can create your own Emblem of 24×24 with Pink.
Cloning Of Emblem:-
If your Opponent is strong enough and you are good at photoshop to copy his emblem then you will create a good confusion during woe and can take profit out of it by just entering in and most of them will not even care to see guild name because of same guild Emblem.

Changing Emblem just for creating Confusion:-

If there are many guilds playing a Woe then its time to create confusion. After you get Castle or while attacking any castle keep changing emblems so no one will find out which guild is that (Thou Announcement is made when you capture any guild but in server where many guilds are playing no one has time to check announment.).

This trick won’t help much but just it will create confusion thats all.

You Can Download Some Pre-made Emblems from this Link as most of the emblems are common.

Remember One Thing:- “Everything is Fair in Love And War” And This is A War

War of Emperium (WoE)

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Keeping Emperium As Host

The Most Common Strategy Use In Any Ragnarok Server Is Keeping Emperium As Host.

But You think is This Good Strategy? You Decide is it better for you or not by Reading The Advantages And Disadvantages.

When Emperium As host Can be Advantage or What Is the Advantage:-

Advantage to the guild which is keeping Emperium as Host.

-You can Break At Any Time.
-You can Defend Till Last Minute and Break at last.
-Opponents Cannot Break there own Castle’s Emperium.
-You can Trap the spawn point of the Host Guild (i.e when used flag you get wrapped where)
-You can appoint some Wizard and Clown to keep spaming Storm Gust in the spawn point of the Host Guild.

Advantage to the guild whose Emperium is kept as Host.

-You can use Guild Flag and Reach Emperium Room Quickly.
-You can ask All guild members to use flag and meet at Pre-Emp Room.
-This Saves UC/EC because you can easily use flag to come back.
-If you are strong enough then you can get back your Castle.
-There Defence can be broken down easily

Advantage to other guilds who are also playing WOE.

-You can keep killing both guild members (who is defending and whose Emp is kept as host)
-You can take advantage when this both guild are busy fighting with each other.
-If your guild is Strong enough then you can pawn both of them and show who is the Boss.

When Emperium As host Can be Disadvantage or What Is the Disadvantage:-

Disadvantage to the guild which is keeping Emperium as Host.

-The Guild member’s whose Emperium you have kept will keep coming again and again at faster speed by using flag.
-Defence will be keep breaking.
-If you got Less number of Members then this strategy is not good and you will lose the control.
-You have only Pre-Emp And Emp Room defence and you cannot defence entrance or other rooms or else the guild whose Emp has kept as Host will come inside using flag easily.

Disadvantage to the guild whose Emperium is kept as Host.

-If the Guild master of the other guild (who kept Emp as host) knows that he is doing then you are in trouble.
-They can break any time so no much success chance.
-If the Guild master is good Enough then he can send small group of members to spam skills of the spawn point of flag (i.e where your guild members will be spawned after using castle flag) and your members will keep dying in no time.
-They can trap you in flag spawn Point inside the castle.
-You also need to fight with other guilds who are playing woe.

Disadvantage to other guilds who are also playing WOE.

-Mostly you don’t have any luck in it or any advantage in this as ultimately one of the above two guilds are going to get control of castle.

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Thanks For Reading ^_^

War of Emperium (WoE)

How To Win A WOE Match When you got Less number of Guild Members In Your Guild

How To Win A WOE Match When you got Less number of Guild Members In Your Guild?

The Answer Is here…

Most of the Guild members and masters think that making Emperium As Host and break it at last 3 mins of the WOE is a good strategy.But I will say they are completely wrong.Making Emperium as host is a good Idea if and only if your guild got many members and they are strong enough to face opponents which are coming continuously using castle Flag.

Best Strategy is to make one of your member (breaker) to make another guild with 1or 2 breakers. And take all of them in your party of original guild so that your guild members cannot attack this people. Remember Never Make your 2nd guild As Ally Or else this Strategy will not work. Now try to break Emperium of other guild some how with your original guild that is your main guild and then make way to your new guild to enter the castle and stay near Emperium. If you think that now you cannot Stop the opponents then allow those breakers to leave party and break the Emperium then as they break you again come back asap with your Main guild and invite them in party and keep defending the castle again when you think that you cannot hold the castle then ask your main guild breakers to leave party and break the Emperium. Continue this process so that other people cannot even touch your Emperium.

For this Strategy you will require around 2 to 6 breakers (equally divided in both guild and the breakers must be enough fast to break in 2-3seconds , you must keep atleast 2 breakers in both guild to avoid the risk of any of them getting Disconnected or Die During woe).

This strategy I Personally Use when in any server I got less members in my guild and it works lot.

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Thanks For Reading ^_^

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