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Days Of Star Gladiator / Taekwon Master

The Days Of Star Gladiator Means days of Sun,Moon,Star according to Calender.

During This Days Star Gladiator Gets Bonus As Described in Its Skill. So for Example bonus of Star will get only in days of stars.

So following Are Days of Sun,Moon,Star Accordingly

Days Of Sun Are 2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30

Days Of Moon Are 1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,17,19,21,23,25,27,29,31

Days Of Star Are 5,10,15,20,25,30

Note that the day follows the time on the RO server that you are playing. Example If your server is located in different Time Zone and You are Playing from Different Time Zone then if its 5th day for you but its 4th day for server then the days of sg will only work according to server’s day.

For Checking Server’s time/date use @time command and if your server do not have such command then check your server’s website/forum or ask GM of that server.

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Taekwon Branch

Star Gladiator / Taekwon Master Can Be The Best Leecher On Low And Mid Rate Server.

Star Gladiator a.k.a Taekwon Master Can Be One Of the Best Leecher On Low And Mid Rate if you know how to use/play it.

First Make A 85 ~ 99 Level Star Gladiator.

If your Star Gladiator is not 99 level then also no problem. But it must be atleast above 85 level to start the following guide (you can use this same for leveling your Star Gladiator after 85 level).

We are making a Thor Dun Level 1 Star Gladiator.For that we will require some equipments or this build cannot survive.

Get the Following Equips (Compulsory but Refinement Level is your own choice)

Best Equips

Valkyrie Shield[1] + Penomena Card
Any Good Armour( Best will be Lucius’s Fierce Armor of Volcano [1]) + Pasana Card
Manteau [1] + Jakk Card
Ring[1] + Mantis Card
Ring[1] + Tarou Card
Marionette Doll[1] + Cramp Card / Lord Kaho’s Horns -(if you getting LKH then use 2 ring[1] with 2 mantis card)
+0~+9 Boot[1] + Antique Firelock Solider Card (main is +2str)
Book Of Billows [3] / Book [3] + 2 x Pecopeco Egg Card + Vadon Card
Evil Wing Ear/ Angel Wing Ear

Other Equips (if you are unable to get the above equips then change some of the equips)

Stone Buckler[1] + Penomena Card
Any Good Armour + Pasana Card
Ring[1] + Mantis Card
Ring[1] + Mantis Card
Marionette Doll[1] + Knocker Card / Leib Olmai Card (only If you can or use knocker card)
The Remaining Equips Are Same Like the above best equips.

Stats (Including Bonus) :

110~130 Str
Add Vit till you get 7~8k HP
Remaining must be Dex And Luk Equally Divided

Skills Required (only I am telling the main one):

Flying Side Kick Level 7 (from taekwon)
Feeling Level 3
Warmth Of The Stars Level 3
Comfort of The Stars Level 4
Hatred Level 3
Anger Of the Stars Level 3
Blessing Of the Stars Level 5
Knowledge Level 9
Union Level 1

Stuffs Required

Lot of White Potion
Few Blue Potion
Lot of Fly Wings

Now Lets Start How to Use this Build.

First Take your Star Gladiator in Thor Volcano Dun 1 And Use Level 3 Feeling which will save the map as map of stars (which cannot be changed later ..except on few private servers)

Now Search Kasa and Use Hatred Level 3 him , which will make him target of star (which cannot be changed later ..except on few private servers)

Now You Will Require Lot Of White Potions and some Blue potions and lot of fly wings So buy them .

Now Ask/Use Soul linker’s Link of Star Gladiator for your Star Gladiator and Use Union.

Now Go to thor dun 01 and teleport search for kasa. As You see Kasa(mostly will be away from you) Use Warmth of Stars and then use Flying Side Kick to reach next to him now just stand till he dies.

Remember every attack of warmth will take away your sp and when sp gets over warmth get cancelled so maintain your sp using blue potion. And Also Look At Your Hp.

Always Teleport away if there is Fire Imp/Sword Guardian/Bow Guardian/Salamander Near you.

You will get so much Experience that you can later level up a guild after your char becomes 99 level.

And Also can give Free/Paid Leech to others.

How To Kill Salamander With Star Gladiator.

To kill a salamander you just need one simple technique that is always try to attack from his tail side and avoid  his face or he will do sonic boom to kill you.

Make Money With This Build.

As I Said you can make money by Leeching others as on low rate and mid rate levelup takes time and people are willing to waste zennies on field manual boxes then why not this faster leech?

And Also if you are able to kill Salamander With Star Gladiator then if you are lucky you can get Meteor Plate[1] which you can sell for high cost depending on your server’s market value.

Days Of Stars

During Days Of Stars You Will Get +100% Exp from Target of Star monster If Blessing Of Stars Is level 5.
You will also get More ASPD by [(LV+DEX+LUK)/10]% Formula.
If your Anger of Star Is Level 3 then you will do more damage to the Target of Star by this Formula [+((BaseLV+LUK+DEX)/3)% ATK].

So Days Of Star is best to make money or Level up.



Recommended skills

Running Level


Prepare Whirlwind Kick Level


Whirlwind Kick Level


Break Fall Level


Flying Side Kick Level


Peaceful Rest Level


Enjoyable Rest Level


Fighting Chant Level


Warm Wind Level


High Jump Level


Feeling of the Sun, Moon and Stars Level


Warmth of the Sun Level


Warmth of the Moon Level


Warmth of the Stars Level


Comfort of the Stars Level


Hatred of the Sun, Moon, and Stars Level


Anger of the Sun Level


Anger of the Moon Level


Anger of the Stars Level


Blessing of the Sun Level


Blessing of the Moon Level


Blessing of the Stars Level


Knowledge of the Sun, Moon and Stars Level


Union of the Sun, Moon and Stars Level


You can take any other skill instead of  level 1Prepare Whirlwind kick and level 4 Whirlwind kick on Taekwon kid.


Thanks For Reading ^_^

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