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Player vs Monster (PvM) Swordman Branch War of Emperium (WoE)

Working on WoE/PvM Lord Knight Build [Prototype]

As I wrote in my previous post that I have joined some Low Rate server for WoE and I am working on a Lord Knight Build for WoE as well as PvM.

On this server I am trying to make kind of Hybrid Lord Knight which can kill or paralyze low hp characters like High Wizards, especially snipers and others.

Here are few advantages of playing low rate server which you can consider while selecting a Lord Knight Build.

1)      Creators do not spam Acid Demonstration much on you as they got limited AD bottles if it’s difficult to bot or got Harmony installed.

2)      Champion’s Asura damage is low if there is no stats reset npc so you can lower your vitality and invest on agility or any other stat.

3)      Most of your opponents won’t have proper gears or godly items so you won’t receive much damage from them.


1)      Even it would take a lot of time to get you properly equipped.

2)      Most of the low rate servers have @storage command disabled so you can carry limited amount of supplies during WoE.

3)      Think twice before going for any build because it won’t be easy to hunt gears or reset your stats and skills.

After thinking all the advantages and disadvantages I have decided to make such hybrid LK which can be used for killing or paralyzing players as well as breaking the Emperium and working as a tank for my guild. I won’t suggest using this kind of Lord Knight in PvP but if you are good in switching gears and know the weakness of your opponents then you can go for it.

The build on which I am working (It’s not complete thou):

Stats (excluding bonus and buffs):

str 95 or above (base so that I get the +20 attack bonus from Krasnaya [3])

vit around 85

dex 50~55

agi 30~35

int 1

luk 1

My current stats Screenshot

 1 (1)

Skills as Swordman :

Sword Mastery Level    10

Two-Handed Sword Mastery      Level    10

Increase Recuperative Power    Level    8

Bash      Level    10

Provoke               Level    5

Magnum Break Level    5

Endure Level    1

Moving HP Recovery      Level    1              Quest Skill

Fatal Blow           Level    1              Quest Skill

Auto Berserk     Level    1              Quest Skill



Skill as Lord Knight:

Spear Mastery  Level    10

Pierce   Level    3

Spear Boomerang            Level    4

Two-Hand Quicken         Level    10

Auto Counter    Level    5

Bowling Bash     Level    10

Riding    Level    1

Cavalry Mastery               Level    5

Aura Blade          Level    5

Parrying               Level    10

Concentration   Level    5

Berserk                Level    1

One-Hand Quicken         Level    1              Soul Linked

Charge Attack    Level    1              Quest Skill

Screenshot of my Lk skills but they are still incomplete



1)      Level will be easy because you can use Two Handed Quicken+ Parrying which will give you good attack speed and will require less amount on potions as you parrying helps to block attacks from opponents.

2)      You have all the basic Masteries of weapons i.e One Hand Sword,Two Handed Sword and Spear Mastery which gives an advantage that you can use all weapons which are available for Lord Knight class.

3)      You can even use Shield and One-Hand Quicken which can help you in WoE.

4)      You get high attack speed even with low agility.

5)      You get decent attack speed (nearly 181~183) and dps.

6)      You can use both one handed sword when linked and two handed sword when dispelled or link goes.

7)      Using Spear Boomerang you can deliver status to High Wizards, Snipers or other classes.

8)      Got a decent Hp when fully equipped and max levelled so that you can tank most of the attacks including asura damage.

9)      You can even kill snipers and high wizards. I always try to kill the trapper first while I am tanking so that my guild can walk easily without getting stuck on traps then my next target would be Bard/Clown which use Poem of Bragi as they focus mostly on int/dex and don’t have much hp.

10)   You can even kill creators and champions as they are one of the biggest threat to Lord knights but on low rates the story is different as they creators got limited amount of AD bottles and both champions as well as the creator got low hp so you can Bash stun and bowling bash to death xD.



1)      You won’t have any spear skills except Spear Boomerang.

2)      Decrease Agility skill can create problem.

Swordman Branch

My Bowling Bash Lord Knight Info

In the following screen-shots i have used level 10 Increase Agility & Blessing and Berserk potion on my Lord Knight.

Note: Try to use as many foods & buffs you can like eg: Str,Vit,Agi &  Dex foods and Box Of Gloom,Box of Resentment etc. (I have not used any foods or boxes in the following screenshots)

All the Equipments are available in game via quest or monster drops or Battlegrounds. Custom equipment are not included.
This are just examples of build, you can take some hints from below and create your own unique build using custom gears available in your server.

I could make four type of different builds with different equipment depending on the rates of the servers and they are:

Type 1:
Equipment Shown in above screenshot are:

HeadgearTop: +4 Baphomet Horns
Mid: Hockey Mask
Lower: –

Armor: +7 Valkyrja’s Armor [1] + Evil Druid Card
Weapon: +4 Twin Edge of Naght Sieger [3] (

Fire) + Sword Guardian Card (x2) + Hydra Card
Shield : +10 Thorn Shield [1] + Thara Frog Card
Garment: +9 Diablos Manteau [1] + Thara Frog Card
Footgear: +7 Diablos Boot [1] + Green Ferus Card
Accessory 1: Megingjard

Accessory 2: Horn of The Buffalo [1] + Horong Card

Note: People can easily make out if you are using Twin Edge of Naght Sieger [3] because of it’s look when the sword is visible in your hand(while casting skills or attacking) so better keep Elemental Converter or Box of Storms with you if they opponent try use fire resist gears.


Str: 94+66
Agi: 52+23

Vit: 71+10

Int: 1+14

Dex: 50+20

Luk: 1+4

Type 2

Equipment Shown in above screenshot are:


Top: +7 Feather Beret
Mid: Blush of Groom
Lower: – Gentlemen’s Pipe

Armor: +7 Glorious Suit
Weapon: +9 Glorious Spear

Shield : +9 Thorn Shield [1] + Thara Frog Card
Garment: +7 Glorious Muffler
Footgear: +7 Glorious Shoes
Accessory 1: Medalion
Accessory 2: Horn of The Buffalo [1] + Horong Card


Str: 92+28
Agi: 51+22

Vit: 73+8

Int: 1+12

Dex: 51+19

Luk: 4+3

Type 3

Equipment Shown in above screenshot are:


Top: +8 Feather Beret
Mid: Masquerade
Lower: – Gentlemen’s Pipe

Armor: +7 Meteor Plate [1] + Evil Druid Card
Weapon: +10 Pike [4] + Hydra Card (x2) + Skeleton Worker Card (x2)

Shield : +8 Thorn Shield [1] + Thara Frog Card
Garment: +8 Wool Scarf [1] + Raydric Card
Footgear: +9 Tidal Shoes [1] + Antique Firelock Card
Accessory 1: Vesper Core 02
Accessory 2: Horn of The Buffalo [1] + Mantis Card


Str: 92+ 33
Agi: 53+22

Vit: 72+8

Int: 1+13

Dex: 51+19

Luk: 1+3

Type 4

Equipment Shown in above screenshot are:


Top: +4 Hunter Hat [1] + Vanberk Card
Mid: Masquerade
Lower: – Iron Cain

Armor: +4 Diablos Armor [1] + Evil Druid Card
Weapon: +4 Executioner [1] + Sword Guardian Card

Shield : –
Garment: +8 Diablos Manteau [1] + Thara Frog Card
Footgear: +4 Diablos Boot [1] + Green Ferus Card

Accessory 1: Vesper Core 02
Accessory 2: Vesper Core 02


Str: 95+ 35
Agi: 51+20

Vit: 70+9

Int: 1+13

Dex: 50+20

Luk: 3+4

I Hope you Enjoyed this Post ^_^

Swordman Branch

Lord Knight Leveling Guide 1

This Guide Is made For servers who got Reset Skill & Stats Options

Two Handed Agi Build

Stats(including Bonus)

110~120 Str
70 Dex
Remaining Agi
Make Sure you get 188~190 Attack Speed

Weapon and Equips

+7~+10 Muramasa / +10 katana [4] (cards which are best against the map you playing)
+0~+4 Lkh/Ghost Banada/Helm Of Angel
Remaining You Decide Either Go For Str Equips Or Agi
Make Sure you get 188~190 Attack Speed with Beserk Potion

Important Skill

Two Handed Quicken Full
Two Handed Sword Mastery Full
Concentration Full
Aura Blade Full
Parrying Full
Bowing Bash optional
Bash optional

Speciality of this build

Enough Agi To Dodge Many Types Of monster (but not All). High Damage and more attack speed makes faster Killing Rate. Optional you can spam Bash/Bowing Bash If you want To Kill/Mob kill Faster.

Best Map.

Alde High orc /Gef fild 14 mob and bowing bash.

Beserk/Frenzy Two Handed Build (Remember To Use /am command and Type that you are on beserk mode so cannot chat or People/gm will doubt you are bot)

Stats(including Bonus)

70 Dex
90 vit
Remaining Str
Agi 1(that is Default)You will surely get 190 attack speed with Beserk Skill + Beserk Potion + Two Handed Quicken + Increase Agi Level 10

Weapon and Equips

+7~+10 Muramasa/ +10 katana [4] (cards which are best against the map you playing)
+0~+4 Lkh/Evil Wing
Angel/Evil Wing Ears
Remaining You Decide but make sure they are Str related Equips

Best Map

Thor Volcano dun 1 against Kasa
Sphinx dun 4 against Anubis
Good Against High Orcs

Equips For Thor Volcano 1

Jakk card
Pasana card
Weapon Optional Ice Property VVS +5~+10 Claymore or any other Ice Property Weapon.
Optional +10 Katana with 2 Pecopeco Egg and 2 Vadon Cards / 2 Abysmal Knight Card + 2 Minorous Card.

Important Skill

Two Handed Quicken Full
Two Handed Sword Mastery Full
Concentration Optional
Aura Blade Optional
Parrying Full

Speciality of this build

High Damage because of beserk skill and more hp because of high vit and beserk skill so can tank as well bigger monster and 190 attack speed makes it fast killer.

Spiral/CS Spam Build

Stats(including Bonus)
90~140 Dex
110~120 str
Remaining If you want take some int for sp (but i will suggest don’t instead of that go for vit)

Weapon and Equips

Cheap/Easy To Make/Get Equips

+10 Pike 2 Vadon card and 2 Pecopeco Egg Card / 2 Abysmal Knight Card and 2 Minorous Card / Card depending on monster you select.
+4~+10 Marionette Doll

Costly Equips

+7~+10 Pole Axe/Hunting Spear with card doing damage on monster depending on that monster/map
+7~+10 Marionette Doll With Kathryne Keyron card
Angel/Evil Wing Ears1
Orleans Glove+ Berzebub Card and 1 Ring[1]/Orleans Glove + Berzebub Card
+7~+9 Orleans Server With Penomena/Thara Frog card
Remaining You Decide but make sure they are Str/Dex related Equips

Best Map

Thor 1 Kasa
Alde High orc /gef fild 14
Sphinx dun 4

Equips For thor 1

+4~+10 Pole Axe/Hunting Spear with Pecopeco Egg Card/Vadon Card
Jakk card Garment
Pasana card Armour
Valkyrie shield with penomena card for kasa and Salamander  Or You can use Stone Buckler Instead of Valkyrie Shield

Important Skill

Spiral Pierce/Clashing Spear Full
Spear Mastery Full
Cavalry Mastery Full

Speciality of this build

Damage Is Very High Depending Upon Weapon But Normally 7k+ max upto 15~17k and you can repeat a number of time Spiral Pierce within a minute.

Thanks For Reading ^_^

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