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Magician Branch Player vs Player (PvP) War of Emperium (WoE)

Wizard & High Wizard Equipments for PvP/WoE

All the Equipments are available in game via quest or monster drops or Battlegrounds. Custom equipment are not included.
This are just examples of build, you can take some hints from below and create your own unique build using custom gears available in your server.

Note: Try to use as many foods & buffs you can like eg: Int,Vit,Agi &  Dex foods and Box Of Gloom, etc.

Head Gear
  • Feather Beret, Beret, Poo Poo Hat – 10% from Demihuman damage reduction. 
  • Apple of Archer,Ramen Hat – DEX bonus 
Mid Head Gear
  • Sunglasses [1] – If you want to insert any card
  • Robo Eye – +1dex and 2% Matk
  • Blush of Groom –  3% from Demihuman damage reduction.
Lower Head Gear
  • Gentleman’s Pipe –  2% from Demihuman damage reduction.
–  Cards for Head Gear( if you are using any slotted headgear)
  • Clock Tower Manager Card –  Reduce casting time
  • Dark Illusion Card –  Reduce casting time
  • Kathryne Keyron Card – Reduce casting time
  • Marduk Card – Immunity to silence
  • Silk Robe [1] – Preferred on low rate servers.
  • Diablos Robe [1] – Reduce skill delay by 10%
  • Valkyrie’s Armor [1] – All stats +1,  50% Silence Resist & Indestructible
  • Warlock’s Battle Robe [1] – Obtained from Battleground
–  Cards for Armor
  • Agav Card – MATK
  • Evil Druid Card – Immune to Stone Curse & Freeze
  • Marc Card – Immune to Freeze
  • Observation Card – Suggested for PvP if you need to invest on vit.
  • Pest Card – Best Against Snipers to auto cast stone curse
  • Rybio Card –  Best Against Snipers to auto cast stun.
  • Warlock’s Magic Wand – Obtained from battle grounds
  • Staff of Destruction [1] –  MATK + 25%, INT + 3, AGI + 10 & reduces casting time of Amplify Magic by 50% & each Refinement in multiples of 2 (+2, +4, +6, +8, +10) increases MATK by 1%.
  • Wizardry Staff- INT + 6, DEX + 2, MATK + 15%
  • Thorn Staff of Darkness –  MATK + 20%, INT + 3, Dex + 3
  • Lich’s Bone Wand [2] –  MATK + 20%, INT + 1, DEX + 1, Refine Rate 9~10= bonus MATK + 3%, Maximum SP + 300.
  • Staff of Piercing – MATK + 15%, INT + 4 , ignore 10% MDEF of target.
  • Survivor’s Rod [1]  – +4 Dex/Int, 400 HP, MATK +15%
  • Combat Knife – Use CK only if you are good at switching equips(while receiving damage), or else don’t use.
– Cards for Weapon 
  • Drops Card – Dex +1
  • Necromancer Card – +1 int, 2 MDEF pierce. 
  • Hill Wind Card – 5% more damage with Thunder Storm, Jupitel Thunder and Lord of Vermilion.
  • Laurell Weinder Card – 3% more damage with Frost Nova and Storm Gust.
  • Red Ferus Card – 5% more damage with Fire Pillar and Meteor Storm.
  • Death word Card – 5% more damage with Soul Strike, Napalm Beat, Napalm Vulcan.
  • Pitman Card – 5% more damage with Earth Spike and Heavens Drive.
  • Pasana Card – Good against Professor in duel
  • Swordfish Card Good against Professor in duel
  • Valkyrja’s Shield [1] – 20% Fire, Water, Shadow and Undead Property resist
  • Orlean’s Server [1] – Use this shield if you are using Orlean’s Glove
–  Cards for Shield 
  • Thara Frog Card – 30% Demi-human resist
  • Horn Card – 35% damage reduction from Long-Range attacks
  • Valkyrie’s Manteau – Valkyrie Combo
  • Wool Scarf [1] – Tidal shoes combo
  • Commander’s Manteau [1] – Battleground Equip
  • Diablos Manteau [1] – Diablos Boot combo
  • Nydhorgg’s Shadow Garb [1] – 7% resistance to all Elements.
– Cards for Garment 
  • Raydric Card – 20% Neutral Property Resist.
  • Noxious Card – Reduction in long ranged attacks by 10% and Neutral damage by 10%. 
  • Salamander Card – 40% more Meteor Storm damage.
  • Marse Card – 30% Water Property  resist.(Good against Professor or another wizard in duel)
  • Jakk Card30% Fire Property  resist.(Good against Professor or another wizard in duel)
  • Frilldora Card– lvl 1 Cloaking
  • Valkyrie’s Shoes [1] – If using Valkyrie combo
  • Tidal Shoes [1] – Wool Scarf Combo
  • Diablos Boots [1] – Diablos Manteau Combo.
  • Combat Boots [1] – Battlegrounds
  • Variant Shoes – 20% HP/SP
– Footgear Cards
  • Green Ferus Card – + 1 VIT, and 10% HP. (Best according to me)
  • Matyr Card– 10% HP 
  • Orleans Glove [1] – Very Important Accessory
  • Glove [1] – +1 Dex (use only if its hard to get Orleans Glove)
– Accessory Cards
  • Zerom Card – +3 DEX
  • Smokie Card – lvl 1 Hide
Note: You don’t have to get all the above gears and cards, its just a guide from which you can pick some random gears and cards to make new combo for your Wizard/High Wizard.

For eg: You can make a Wizard who does max damage with Meteor Storm Skill and for that you can use Salamander and Red Ferus Card.

Some of My Screenshot



Player vs Player (PvP) Thief Branch

Guillotine Cross – PvP Equips and Stats for Cross Impact

Tips: Try to use as many foods & buffs you can like eg: Str,Vit,Agi &  Dex foods and Box Of Gloom,Box of Resentment,Alovera etc.

Don’t forget to take soul link because you can keep using cross impact without any delay and also use venom impression on your opponents and use poison on your weapon coz this will add 50% more damage.
All the Equipments are available in game via quest or monster drops or Battlegrounds. Custom equipment are not included.
This are just examples of build, you can take some hints from below and create your own unique build using custom gears available in your server.

Note: If you use katar type weapon for cross impact then your damage might be little less but your attack speed will be much better to use another cross impact with less delay.
Equipment Shown in above screenshot are:


Top: +4 Baphomet Horns
Mid: Hockey Mask
Lower: –

Armor: +7 Assassin Robe [1] + Porcellio Card

Weapon: +9 Glorious Bloody Roar

Shield : –
Garment: +8 Glorious Muffler
Footgear: +7 Glorious Shoes
Accessory 1: Megingjard

Accessory 2: Megingjard

Stats which I use for PvP:

Str: 100
Agi: 120
Dex: 70~85 (If you got good hit gears which you can switch to attack high flee opponents then lower your dex or else increase your dex)
Vit: Remaining

With this stats I reach 193 attack speed.


For high flee opponents you should switch gears to dex/hit as high flee characters will have low HP so you can concentrate on your Hit instead of damage.

Mid Headgear: Angel Spirit/Angel Of Ghost
Accessory 1: Cursed hand[1] + Zerom card
Accessory 2: Cursed hand[1] + Zerom card


Infiltrator[1] with Howard Alt-Eisen Card
Specialty Jur [4] + 4x Howard Alt-Eisen Card
Specialty Jur [4] 2 Howard Alt-Eisen Card & 2 Hydra card

Note: You can also increase your base Dex upto 85 (Should be in multiple of 5x including bonus)

Try to use Dex foods and Box of gloom to decrease your chance of missing attacks

Other Guide for Gx:

High Cross Impact Damage Build


Other Player vs Player (PvP)

High Magic Defence Equip Set

Finally I completed my High Magic Defence Equip Set which is far better than my Old Equip Set.Link of Old Guide

Screenshot of Equips:
(Click on Image to view original Size)

Equip Details:

+10 Frigg’s Circlet
Censor Bar (Obtained by Headgear Quest on any eAthena Server)
+5~10 Odin’s Blessing + Goat Card
+10 Valkyrja’s Shield + Seeker Card
+5 Wool scarf + Kapha card (Do not upgrade Wool Scarf more than 5 or else Kapha card won’t work and use Wool scarf Only As it give additional +4 MDEF)
+4~+10 Crystal Pumps
Megingjard x2 (IF you don’t have Megs then you can use Rossary[0]x2 non slotted only)

You will Receive Total 92 Mdef with that you can hardly get Frozen and will receive very low amount of magic damage.

Any Debuff/Dispell won’t Effect your Mdef so be ready to kill the irritating Professor like Poring.

Note: I am not suggesting any Mdef weapon because we also have to kill not just tank.

Best Use of this build:

Wizards , Professor and Priest if they themselves use this build then they will become like GTB users.

Good For Stalkers who are Guild Master’s to avoid all Pre cast Storm Gust’s.

Great in Hands of Assassin’s (both Emp Breaker’s And Killers)

Woe Reductions Makes this Set God Like.

With your server’s custom equips you might make better Magic Defence set.(If any custom Magic Defence Equip available)

Try Yourself :)

Thanks For Reading ^_^


Acolyte Branch Player vs Player (PvP)

PVP Champion Build Guide (Using Observation/Dame of Sentinel card)

This Build is High Dex Based Build because of which you get very good cast and have high chance to win 1VS1 Duel Against opponent Champion. And With this Build you can kill many other class Also.

Try This Build Only If you have Observation/Dame of Sentinel card.

Equips For this Build:-

Headgear: AoA/ Any Dex Equip giving 3 dex or more.
Mid: Evil Wing Ear/ If Custom then Dex Equips
Lower: Gangster Mask/If Custom Then Dex Equip

Main Armor: Observation Card(Dame of Sentinel card) + Valkyrie Armor/Diabolus Armor/Diabolus Robe/Saint Robe/Mink Coat/Formal Suit.

Other Armors (Switch According to situation): 

Marc/ED/Dokebi/SwordFish/Pasana/Pecopeco/Porcellio/Demon Pungus/Dark Frame/Brilight/Frus/Kraben/Majoruros/Rybio/Sandman/Sasquatch

Main Weapon: Luna Kaleet[3] + 2hydra Card + 1 Skel Worker Card.

Other Weapons (Switch According to situation):

Mace[4] + 4Drops Card(Just if your server is no pot pvp or your damage is high enough without real weapon) , Mace/Barrage Fist + Plankton+Marina+Savage Babe+Magnolia , Mace/Barrage Fist+ 2 Metaller + 2 Savage Babe

Shield:- Thara Frog Card+ Orleans Server.

Garment:- Raydric/Frilldora/Giant Whisper+ Wool Scarf/Proxy Skin Fragment(Nydhorgg’s Shadow Garb)

Footgear:- Variant Shoes / Tidal Shoes+ Firelock/Green Ferus/Matyr/Verit/Sohee

Accessory 1:- Nimble Orleans Glove

Accessory 2:- Nimble Orleans Glove
Stats:-(Base Stats)
Dex:- 99
Vit (Select any of this as 18vit=1dex so its your choice how much dex you need but it will effect your damage):- 18,36,54,72,90
Str: Remaining Full Str.
Other Important Items you need:-
+5~10 Dex Food(Green Salad)/ Box Of Gloom.You Can Wear Luna Kaleet with above 80str and kill plant type monster eg:-Drops/poring/poporing/marin in pay field 04 and get +5Dex food.

For Box Of Gloom You need Cloud Hermit Card and Kill Plant Type monsters.

Note:- The Drop Chance of Box Of Gloom And Green Salad(i.e +5dex Food) Depends on the drop rate of your server.

View one of my Ro Build:-(Without Box Of Gloom)
Click On Image To Enlarge


Note:- In Champion Duel or PvPing with some Class Damage Does not matter that much As much your cast matters. To Become Best Champion You need to be Quick Champ.

Thanks For Reading ^_^


Player vs Player (PvP)

PVPing Dueling Wizard Or Sage/Professor Branch with your..

Most of the People think that Wizard/High Wizard And Sage/Professor Is hardest to kill with any of your char..But Its not True This Class Can Be Pawned by my personal Build which I Call It “Anti GTB Build”

Equips For this Build.

Headgear:- Lkh= 10 Mdef /Drooping Kitty (try to use Drooping kitty)=15Mdef
Mid and Lower:- Your choice.
Armour:- Wedding dress = 15 Mdef
Garment:- Wool scarf+Kapha Card =12 Mdef
Accessory:- Rossary[0] x2 = 10Mdef / Megingjard [0] x2 = 12 MDef.
Shield:- Valkyrja’s Shield + Seeker Card = +15 MDEF
Foot Gear:- Crystal Pumps=+10 MDEF
Weapon:- Your pvp weapon (one handed suggested)

With this Equips you will get around 50~100 per hit of any magic skill So doesnot matter which class you playing you can pawn them (including you are also magic).

Remember to use some potion for tanking damage.(potting is not illegal..Pot spamer=rich and people are jealous of such people or they cannot kill you.)

My This Build screenshot :-

Thanks For Reading ^_^


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