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Other Player vs Player (PvP)

High Magic Defence Equip Set

Finally I completed my High Magic Defence Equip Set which is far better than my Old Equip Set.Link of Old Guide

Screenshot of Equips:
(Click on Image to view original Size)

Equip Details:

+10 Frigg’s Circlet
Censor Bar (Obtained by Headgear Quest on any eAthena Server)
+5~10 Odin’s Blessing + Goat Card
+10 Valkyrja’s Shield + Seeker Card
+5 Wool scarf + Kapha card (Do not upgrade Wool Scarf more than 5 or else Kapha card won’t work and use Wool scarf Only As it give additional +4 MDEF)
+4~+10 Crystal Pumps
Megingjard x2 (IF you don’t have Megs then you can use Rossary[0]x2 non slotted only)

You will Receive Total 92 Mdef with that you can hardly get Frozen and will receive very low amount of magic damage.

Any Debuff/Dispell won’t Effect your Mdef so be ready to kill the irritating Professor like Poring.

Note: I am not suggesting any Mdef weapon because we also have to kill not just tank.

Best Use of this build:

Wizards , Professor and Priest if they themselves use this build then they will become like GTB users.

Good For Stalkers who are Guild Master’s to avoid all Pre cast Storm Gust’s.

Great in Hands of Assassin’s (both Emp Breaker’s And Killers)

Woe Reductions Makes this Set God Like.

With your server’s custom equips you might make better Magic Defence set.(If any custom Magic Defence Equip available)

Try Yourself :)

Thanks For Reading ^_^



Meaning of common words used in Ragnarok

Cannot Understand the Terms/words used in Ragnarok Online? Then No Problem

The following are the common words used in Ragnarok online and what they mean.

Words used=What it means

Words In “Numbers and other symbols”

+1,+2 = It Means Refine Level Of A Particular Armour or Weapon

Words starting From “A” Letter

AFK = Away From Keyboard
Aspd = Attack Speed
Atk = Attack
Assump = Assumption
Awaks/Aweks = Awakening Potion
Agi = Agility
ASAP/ A.S.A.P = As soon as Possible
Agit = Guild Castle / Guild Castle Map
AOE = Area of Effect
AB = Arch Bishop
Alc / Alch = Alchemist
Assa = Assassin
AMP = Amplify Magic Power/Mystical Amplification(A High Wizard’s Skill)
Amply = Amplify Magic Power/Mystical Amplification(A High Wizard’s Skill)
Ak = Knight of Abyss / Abysmal Knight

Words starting From “B” Letter

BRB = Be right back
Bwing = Butterfly Wings
Buff /Buffs= Increase Agility+Blessing
blvl = Base level
Bino = Binoculars
Bro = Brother
Bargi = A Poem of Bragi/Magic Strings ( A Bard’s Skill)
Bs = Blacksmith
BGM = Back Ground Music
Bot = A character is playing using Botting Program
B> = Buying

Words starting From “C” Letter

Char = Character
Champ = Champion
Cruz = Crusader
Conc = Concentration
CK = Combat Knife

Words starting From “D” Letter

Def = Defence
Dex = Dexterity
DS = Double Strafe / Double Strafing (A hunter’s Skill)
DC = Disconnected
DC = Discount
Devo = Devotion

Words starting From “E” Letter

Equips = Equipment
EDP = Enchant Deadly Poison (Assassin Cross Skill)
EMP = Emperium
Exp = Experience
ED = Evil Druid

Words starting From “F” Letter

f9 = Fine

Words starting From “G” Letter

GM = Game Master
GM = Guild Master
GL = Guild Leader
gtg = Gotta Go
g2g = Gotta Go
gr8 = Great
GB = Ghost banada
GTB = Golden Thief Bug
Gr = Ghostring
Gn = Good Night
GH = Glast Heim
Gef = Geffen
GM = Guild Member
Guild = Clan / Group of Members for Playing WOE or GVG events.
GVG = Guild Vs Guild
GX = Guillotine Cross
GS = Gunslinger

Words starting From “H” Letter

HP = Health Power/Hit Points
Hp = High Priest
Hwiz / Hw = High Wizard
HOS = High Orcs
HO = High Orcs

Words starting From “I” Letter

Int = Intelligence

Words starting From “J” Letter

jlvl = job level

Words starting From “K” Letter

Ks = Kill Steal
Ksing = Kill Stealing

Words starting From “L” Letter

LKH = Lord Kaho’s Horn (A headgear)
Lvl = Level
Lk = Lord Knight
Link= Soul Link (A Soul Linker’s Skill)
Luk = Luck
lol = Laugh Out Loudly
LMAO = Laughing My A*s Off
L/O = Leave Offer
L/N = Leave Name
L/O/N = Leave offer Name
L/N/O = Leave name offer

Words starting From “M” Letter

MVP = Most Valuable Player (Most of the people think MVP means Boss monster but player who do more damage on this monster get MVP title on Head that means he did more damage on that monster)
MAG = Magnificat
Matk = Magic Attack
MDef = Magic Defence

Words starting From “N” Letter

Noob = Newbie/Newplayer
NP= No Problem
NPs= No Problems
No Prob = No Problem
N> = Need/Needed
Novi = Novice

Words starting From “O” Letter

OS = Orleans Server
OG = Orleans Glove
OC = Over Charge
OP = Over Priced

Words starting From “P” Letter

Pront = Prontera
PvP = Player Vs Player
PVM = Player Vs Monster
PPl / PPlz = People
Pala = Paladin
Prof = Professor
PT/Party = Small Group of players created temporarily for hunting/leveling or for any other reason
Pk = Player Kill

Words starting From “Q” Letter

Words starting From “R” Letter

Rk = Rune Knight
RG = Royal Guard
ROFL = rolling on the floor laughing
Ro= Ragnarok Online
Ragna= Ragnarok
R> = Recruiting
RGM = Recruiting Guild Member
Ress/Ressu = Resurrection

Words starting From “S” Letter

Sin = Assassin
SG = Storm Gust
SG = Star Gladiator
Sd= Sweet Dreams
SB = Sonic Boom
SD = Soul Destroyer
SB = Soul Breaker/break
Suno = Super Novice
Sl = Soul Linker
Sl = Soul Link
Soul Link (A Soul Linker’s Skill)
Sinx = Assassin Cross
Sader = Crusader
S = yes
Sis = Sister
S> = Selling
SP = Special Power/Mana

Words starting From “T” Letter

T> = Trading
Tk = Taekwon
TM = Taekwon Master
Tc = Take Care
Tank = Tank means to take other’s attention on you and take his damage so that your friend is safe and he can kill them or move away safely or enter WOE Rooms.

Words starting From “U” Letter

Words starting From “V” Letter

vend = shops
Vit = Vitality

Words starting From “W” Letter

Ws = Whitesmith
Wiz = Wizard
w8 = Wait
Wings = Fly Wings or Equipment

Words starting From “X” Letter

Words starting From “Y” Letter

Y = Why

Ygg= Yggdrasil leaf/berry/seed

Words starting From “Z” Letter

Thanks For Reading ^_^


How To Remove Personal Message (Pm) Window Which keeps Poping Up

In Some Ragnarok Clients And Mostly Ragray clients have default setup to keep Poping out Pm Window because of which Chatting becomes harder and its even worst for players who use battlemode.

So here is the Solution for this problem. (click on image if you want full size view)
So if your Pm window keeps coming like this..
Press alt+h and click on friends setup window as shown in image (magnifier image option)

After Selecting Friends Setup Option then 3 option will pop up as shown in the image.

Deselect/Uncheck all 3 option and close it.

Now Ask your Friend to Pm to check whether its working or not.

Credits: Dyanesh (To Remind me About It)

Thanks For Reading ^_^


How To Change Screen-shot Logo

Want To Change you server or your favourite server Screen logo?
First Create A Image Of Size 243×123.
Set the background color to RED 255 GREEN 0 BLUE 255 i.e RGB 255,0,255
It will look something like this.

If you don’t know how to do it. Then download the background from following download link.

Media Fire

Now After you made that Image or Downloaded from above link them open photoshop and Enter Desired Text you want for your server. And Save The File As Bitmap of Following Settings i.e 24 bit Depth as shown in following image.If you use 32 bit then the image won’t work.
(Click To View Original Image)

Now Copy your Image which you made just in above steps.
(Click To View Original Image)
And Open your Favourite Ragnarok Client Folder then open Data Folder.
Now Open Texture folder

Now you will see something like this in that folder.

(Click To View Original Image)
Paste your Image in this Folder.
(Click To View Original Image)

Now you will see something like this ( I have named My Logo As scr_logocopy).
(Click To View Original Image)

Now delete or rename the image name ” scr_logo ” ( Its better to rename incase you do any mistake)

(Click To View Original Image)
Now Rename your File as scr_logo and it will look something like this.


(Click To View Original Image)

Now Login Your Client and take screenshot and open screenshot folder and view how it looks.
The Original Screenshot looks like this.
(Click To View Original Image) 
When I Modified It then It Looks Like this.
(Click To View Original Image) 
If your Screenshot Logo shows pink outline like the following screen-shot, then it means you have used inner glow and/or outer glow of blending options in Photoshop. To avoid that pink outline with your text do not use Inner Glow and/or Outer Glow
You can Use Any Colour or do anything you like just remember to save it as photoshop file also so that you can edit if you do any mistake.

Update: You can also use bigger screen shot logo but I will say bigger is not always better.

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