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After a long break I have started playing Ragnarok Online again.  From past few months I was not been able to update this site but I hope that I can write few good posts now. I am sorry to inform you guys that I have stopped accepting guest posts as I got nearly 30,000+ spam guest posts because of which I had to delete all those pending posts which may include some real good guides written by guest authors which could not be reviewed by me.I have even deleted all pending comments as I got nearly 5000+ comments in which most of the comments were spam and seems like my spam filter plugin was not working properly because of which I had no choice but to delete all legit and spam pending comments. Now I have installed proper spam filter plugins to tackle such situations.

Anyways I am currently playing a low rate server (8x/8x/8x) and working on some Lord Knight WoE build on same server (only transcendent class 99/70) and going to play it just for WoE for my friends and Guild. I am searching for an active PvP or BG server for both transcendent class (99/70) and 3rd jobs (150/50), if you guys know any such good server I would like to know about it from your comments. Even I love to Hunt MvP Boss Monsters so I would like to join some MvP high rate server.




News and Updates

RoGuides is now accepting Guest Posts!!!

Do I get paid for writing posts?


What will I get if i write for

  • You will get two Backlinks, Traffic, Exposure, links of your Social Profiles.
  • Your article will be exposed to all of Ragnarok Online Guides readers.
  • You will have your own short Author Bio in your posts.
  • What type of articles i should write and submit:
  • Please submit articles related to our blog i.e anything related to Ragnarok Online Game.

Guidelines for Guest Author:

  • You should write your own article, and if your idea is derived from someone else then please give them credit.
  • While writing articles please make use of relevant images so that the article looks more attractive.
  • Comments are type of conversations which helps to be connected with your readers and get more exposure so try to answer all queries of the reader of your article.
  • The articles should contain a minimum of 300 words.
  • You can even upload videos of mvp, pvp, woe etc.


How to submit the articles?

  • Register on RoGuides and after that you will get an e-mail with your login information.
  • After getting the login information update your profile and fill all necessary forms.
  • To submit the article, got to Posts and select “Add New Post” and write your article in it, please don’t forget to add tags and categories. After doing this select “Submit for Review”.
  • If your articles meet the Guidelines then it will be Published (make sure you don’t create duplicate article on any other site) or else if it fails to meet the Guidelines then you will be notified by email that your article is rejected and so that you can use your article on other site.
  • If you are facing problems with posting article then you can directly mail it to us by attaching the article file (MS-word format) with your bio and backlinks in contact.

For any further queries contact us.

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