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Bow Guardian vs Lord Knight Bowling Bash build

Killing a Bow Guardian/Master using your Lord Knight is very easy if you have right set of equips on it. Also this can be used for farming Orlean’s Gloves or generating zennies by selling the loots.

How to attack a Bow Guardian?

First get your Lord Knight the following suggested equips and build then go to Thor volcano level 1 and spam fly wings until you find a Bow guardian who is not surrounded by other monsters so that you can hunt him down easily. Don’t forget to keep HP and SP potions with you.

Watch the video below

What all are the minimum requirements for a Lord Knight?

All you require is few buffs and a good build.

The following are few of the buffs required which any High Priest can give you:

Assumption lvl 5

Increase Agility lvl 10

Blessing lvl 10

Berserk Potion (sold by NPC in comodo)

Other than this you can use STR, AGI, DEX foods as well as boxes and other consumable stuffs depending upon what your server offers which will help to boost your damage on the opponent.

Preferred Base Stats:

  • STR 90+
  • AGI 50+
  • DEX 50+
  • VIT Remaining
  • INT 1
  • LUK 1

If possible then keep your STR in 10’s multiple for attack bonus.

Required skills on your Lord Knight:

  • Two Handed Quicken lvl 10
  • Parrying lvl 10
  • Bowling Bash lvl 10
  • Aura Blade lvl 5
  • Concentration lvl 5
  • Cavalry Mastery lvl 5

Rest is your Choice

Or you can see the screenshot below

skill swordieskill lk

bow master

As Bow Guardian has a Demi-Human Race with Neutral 4 Property and Large Size monster. Also it is a Mini Boss so following are the suggested equips for your Lord Knight.


(Considering your server have less number of custom gears)


Upper: Poo Poo hat, Feather Beret, Beret, I love China or any Custom hat with Demi Human resistance.

Mid:  Evil Wing ears or any good mid gear

Lower: Iron cain or any good lower gear.

Armor: Slotted Chain Mail/ Full Plate/ Mink Coat/ Formal Suit/ Valkyrie Armor/ Meteor Plate/Diablos Armor or any other slotted armor with Pasana card to get resistance from the fire property monster of that map.

Weapon: +10 Katana [4] with Abysmal Knight card x2 + Hydra Card x2 OR Sword Guardian card x2 + Hydra Cardx2

OR any good two-handed sword with these card combo.

Garment: Slotted Wool Scarf/ Diabolus Manteau/ Valkyrian Manteau/ Nydhorgg’s Shadow Garb with Raydric Card

Shoes: Tidal Shoes/ Diabolus Boots/ Valkyrian Shoes with Matyr or Green Ferus card

OR Firelock Solider Card if your shoes have been refined +9 or +10

OR Variant Shoes

Accessories:  Ring [1] x2 + Mantis card x2 or

Vesper core 02 x2 or

Megingjard x2 or any good Accessory


Here are few of my Lord Knight’s screenshots

ro1 ro2


Note: All the buffs are removed from the Lord Knight including Berserk Potion while taking the screenshot

Suggestions are welcome. Thanks for reading. Please comment for any questions. Keep Rocking, keep leveling up. Cheers !!!

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