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Creator : Slim Potion Pitcher Build (SPP)

Slim Potion Pitcher skill is often neglected by most of the Creators but it can be a best supportive skill in WoE as it help your guildmates to survive longer. A Creator should have level 10 Slim Potion Pitcher skill for throwing White Condensed Potions on Allies and also can use Full Chemical Protection skill for support.


Str: 1 not required because you have already merchant’s increased weight skill
Agi: Remaining
Vit:  Total 97 including bonus for Anti-stun (You can reduce vit if you got stun resist gears)
Int: 1 not required for SPP build
Dex: 99 base
Luk: 1


Headgear: Feather Beret / Red Tailed Ribbon
Mid: Robo Eye/ Blush of Groom
Lower: Gangster Mask / Gentleman’s Pipe

Armor: Valkyrie or Diabolus Armor + Evil Druid/Marc card

Weapon: Knife [4] + Cecil Damon x4 or Drops x 4

Shield: Valkyrja’s Shield/ Orleans Server + Thara Frog and Horn card (Try to make both shields)

Garment: Diablous Manteau/Wool Scarf/ Valkyrian Manteau [1] + Noxious card

Shoes: Diabolus Boots/Tidal Shoes/Valkyrie Shoes +Green Ferus

Accessory: Orlean’s Gloves + Zerom card

Accessory: Orlean’s Gloves + Zerom card

Note: Its better to be with a Bard/Clown who can play Poem of Bragi. Use all kinds of available buffs and try to eat Dex foods and Box of Gloom.


In the above screenshot I have used same stats and equips that I had mentioned in this post above.
For more Dex & Attack speed I have used Dex +10, Agi +10 Foods and Berserk Potion , Box of Gloom
(You can reduce Vit if you got stun resist gears)



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