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Guillotine Cross – PvP Equips and Stats for Cross Impact

Tips: Try to use as many foods & buffs you can like eg: Str,Vit,Agi &  Dex foods and Box Of Gloom,Box of Resentment,Alovera etc.

Don’t forget to take soul link because you can keep using cross impact without any delay and also use venom impression on your opponents and use poison on your weapon coz this will add 50% more damage.
All the Equipments are available in game via quest or monster drops or Battlegrounds. Custom equipment are not included.
This are just examples of build, you can take some hints from below and create your own unique build using custom gears available in your server.

Note: If you use katar type weapon for cross impact then your damage might be little less but your attack speed will be much better to use another cross impact with less delay.
Equipment Shown in above screenshot are:


Top: +4 Baphomet Horns
Mid: Hockey Mask
Lower: –

Armor: +7 Assassin Robe [1] + Porcellio Card

Weapon: +9 Glorious Bloody Roar

Shield : –
Garment: +8 Glorious Muffler
Footgear: +7 Glorious Shoes
Accessory 1: Megingjard

Accessory 2: Megingjard

Stats which I use for PvP:

Str: 100
Agi: 120
Dex: 70~85 (If you got good hit gears which you can switch to attack high flee opponents then lower your dex or else increase your dex)
Vit: Remaining

With this stats I reach 193 attack speed.


For high flee opponents you should switch gears to dex/hit as high flee characters will have low HP so you can concentrate on your Hit instead of damage.

Mid Headgear: Angel Spirit/Angel Of Ghost
Accessory 1: Cursed hand[1] + Zerom card
Accessory 2: Cursed hand[1] + Zerom card


Infiltrator[1] with Howard Alt-Eisen Card
Specialty Jur [4] + 4x Howard Alt-Eisen Card
Specialty Jur [4] 2 Howard Alt-Eisen Card & 2 Hydra card

Note: You can also increase your base Dex upto 85 (Should be in multiple of 5x including bonus)

Try to use Dex foods and Box of gloom to decrease your chance of missing attacks

Other Guide for Gx:

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  1. GX

    Isnt a guillotine katar with thanatos mvp card deal more damage with CI than a glorious b. Roar?

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