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High Magic Defence Equip Set

Finally I completed my High Magic Defence Equip Set which is far better than my Old Equip Set.Link of Old Guide

Screenshot of Equips:
(Click on Image to view original Size)

Equip Details:

+10 Frigg’s Circlet
Censor Bar (Obtained by Headgear Quest on any eAthena Server)
+5~10 Odin’s Blessing + Goat Card
+10 Valkyrja’s Shield + Seeker Card
+5 Wool scarf + Kapha card (Do not upgrade Wool Scarf more than 5 or else Kapha card won’t work and use Wool scarf Only As it give additional +4 MDEF)
+4~+10 Crystal Pumps
Megingjard x2 (IF you don’t have Megs then you can use Rossary[0]x2 non slotted only)

You will Receive Total 92 Mdef with that you can hardly get Frozen and will receive very low amount of magic damage.

Any Debuff/Dispell won’t Effect your Mdef so be ready to kill the irritating Professor like Poring.

Note: I am not suggesting any Mdef weapon because we also have to kill not just tank.

Best Use of this build:

Wizards , Professor and Priest if they themselves use this build then they will become like GTB users.

Good For Stalkers who are Guild Master’s to avoid all Pre cast Storm Gust’s.

Great in Hands of Assassin’s (both Emp Breaker’s And Killers)

Woe Reductions Makes this Set God Like.

With your server’s custom equips you might make better Magic Defence set.(If any custom Magic Defence Equip available)

Try Yourself :)

Thanks For Reading ^_^


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