War of Emperium (WoE)

WOE Trick – Emblem Switching.

WOE Trick – Emblem Switching.

During War Of Emperium only thing People First See is the Guild Emblem above the player’s Spirit.

So If you want to make WOE really Hard then Keep Changing Emblem During WOE.

First If you think your Guild is in trouble because breakers cannot enter for what ever reasons like getting detected or too much defence.Then Switch to Invisible Emblem or Clone other guild emblem.

Invisible Emblem:-

This is A Common Trick used by most of the guilds who want there breakers to enter without getting in trouble. For Example:- if your breaker(sinx) got sight and he came out but he was quick enough to cloak again then players cannot find it as they didnot saw any other guild emblem.

This Trick is also Good for Stalkers who are Guild Leaders and Want to EC/UC in Castle.

To Use Invisible Emblem Right Click on Following Emblem and save it.

The Above Emblem is In Pink Colour but when you put in Ragnarok Server it becomes Transparent.
Or You Can create your own Emblem of 24×24 with Pink.
Cloning Of Emblem:-
If your Opponent is strong enough and you are good at photoshop to copy his emblem then you will create a good confusion during woe and can take profit out of it by just entering in and most of them will not even care to see guild name because of same guild Emblem.

Changing Emblem just for creating Confusion:-

If there are many guilds playing a Woe then its time to create confusion. After you get Castle or while attacking any castle keep changing emblems so no one will find out which guild is that (Thou Announcement is made when you capture any guild but in server where many guilds are playing no one has time to check announment.).

This trick won’t help much but just it will create confusion thats all.

You Can Download Some Pre-made Emblems from this Link as most of the emblems are common.

Remember One Thing:- “Everything is Fair in Love And War” And This is A War

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