Acolyte Branch Player vs Player (PvP)

PVP Champion Build Guide (Using Observation/Dame of Sentinel card)

This Build is High Dex Based Build because of which you get very good cast and have high chance to win 1VS1 Duel Against opponent Champion. And With this Build you can kill many other class Also.

Try This Build Only If you have Observation/Dame of Sentinel card.

Equips For this Build:-

Headgear: AoA/ Any Dex Equip giving 3 dex or more.
Mid: Evil Wing Ear/ If Custom then Dex Equips
Lower: Gangster Mask/If Custom Then Dex Equip

Main Armor: Observation Card(Dame of Sentinel card) + Valkyrie Armor/Diabolus Armor/Diabolus Robe/Saint Robe/Mink Coat/Formal Suit.

Other Armors (Switch According to situation): 

Marc/ED/Dokebi/SwordFish/Pasana/Pecopeco/Porcellio/Demon Pungus/Dark Frame/Brilight/Frus/Kraben/Majoruros/Rybio/Sandman/Sasquatch

Main Weapon: Luna Kaleet[3] + 2hydra Card + 1 Skel Worker Card.

Other Weapons (Switch According to situation):

Mace[4] + 4Drops Card(Just if your server is no pot pvp or your damage is high enough without real weapon) , Mace/Barrage Fist + Plankton+Marina+Savage Babe+Magnolia , Mace/Barrage Fist+ 2 Metaller + 2 Savage Babe

Shield:- Thara Frog Card+ Orleans Server.

Garment:- Raydric/Frilldora/Giant Whisper+ Wool Scarf/Proxy Skin Fragment(Nydhorgg’s Shadow Garb)

Footgear:- Variant Shoes / Tidal Shoes+ Firelock/Green Ferus/Matyr/Verit/Sohee

Accessory 1:- Nimble Orleans Glove

Accessory 2:- Nimble Orleans Glove
Stats:-(Base Stats)
Dex:- 99
Vit (Select any of this as 18vit=1dex so its your choice how much dex you need but it will effect your damage):- 18,36,54,72,90
Str: Remaining Full Str.
Other Important Items you need:-
+5~10 Dex Food(Green Salad)/ Box Of Gloom.You Can Wear Luna Kaleet with above 80str and kill plant type monster eg:-Drops/poring/poporing/marin in pay field 04 and get +5Dex food.

For Box Of Gloom You need Cloud Hermit Card and Kill Plant Type monsters.

Note:- The Drop Chance of Box Of Gloom And Green Salad(i.e +5dex Food) Depends on the drop rate of your server.

View one of my Ro Build:-(Without Box Of Gloom)
Click On Image To Enlarge


Note:- In Champion Duel or PvPing with some Class Damage Does not matter that much As much your cast matters. To Become Best Champion You need to be Quick Champ.

Thanks For Reading ^_^


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