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Increase Cross Impact Damage.

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IF you want to really increase the damage of Cross Impact then you must try to get the following Equipments.


Headgears:- Gigantic Majestic Goat (Baphoment Horns)
Mid:- Masquerade/Evil Wing Ear/ Angel Wing Ear
Lower:- Assassin Mask/Gangstar Mask
Armour :- +7~+9 Chain Mail[1]  /  +7~+9 Thief Clothes[1] / +4~+9 Diabolus Armor[1] + Porcellio Card
Weapons: – +8~+10 Mes[3] + 2 Hydra 1 Skeleton Worker card and +4 Combat Knife (Left Hand)
Garment:- +7~+9 Wool Scarf[1]/ +7~+9 Diabolus Manteau[1]/+7~+9 Valkyrian Manteau [1]+ Gaint Whisper Card
FootGear:- +7~+9 Shackles [0]
Accessory 1:- Bloodied Shackle Ball
Accessory 2:- The Sign(It gives 5% attack and 5% magic attack thou most of them don’t know)

If you cannot get the above the Replace with any of the below:-

Headgears:- Lkh /  Hot-blooded Headband

Weapons: – +8~+10 Mes[3] + 2 Hydra 1 Skeleton Worker card and +4~+9 Ice Pick[1] +Hydra Card / +8~+10 Mes[3] + 2 Hydra 1 Skeleton Worker card.
FootGear:- +9 Foot gear[1] with Antique FireLock Solider Card / +4~+7 Foot Gear[1] + Matyr Card
Accessory 1:- Vesper Core 02 [0] / Ring[1]+Mantis Card
Accessory 2:- Vesper Core 02 [0]  / Ring[1]+Mantis Card

Note: Above In Above Equips Foot Gear[1] Means  Boot[1]/Tidal Shoes[1]/Diabolus Boot[1]/Valkyrie Shoes[1]

Other Important Equips For Survival (Specially in Woe to bypass pre Casts).

Headgear:- +7~+9 Feather Beret/Poo Poo Hat/Beret
Shield:- +7~+9 Orlean Server[1]/Guard[1]/Buckler[1] + Thara Frog Card.
Armour: – +7~+9 Chain Mail[1] + Evil Druid + Marc + Pecopeco Card.(Total 3 armour)
Weapon: Assassin Dagger[0] / Assassin Dagger[1]+Fabre Card / Combat Knife.
Foot Gear:- Variant Shoes / FootGear[1]+ Green Ferus Card / +9Foot Gear[1] + Antique Firelock Solider Card
Garment:- Garment[1] + Raydric Card/Marse Card/Jakk Card (3 Garments change accordingly)

Note: Above In Above Equips Foot Gear[1] Means  Boot[1]/Tidal Shoes[1]/Diabolus Boot[1]/Valkyrie Shoes[1]
And Garment[1] Means Manteau[1]/ Wool Scarf[1]/ Diabolus Manteau[1]/Valkyrian Manteau [1]

Thanks For Reading ^_^

Please check the new guide: Click Here & Here

8 thoughts on “Increase Cross Impact Damage.”

  1. Anonymous

    Hi thanks for this post is this for Official Server, and can you include some stats?

  2. Siddharth Naik

    Hi, thanks for commenting.

    Yes this guide will also work for official server, but currently I am not making more detailed guides on 3rd job class because its not yet stable (still in beta stage i guess) so its better to wait till all max lvl/stats confusion get over.

  3. Anonymous

    Hello, i just want to give some opinion for your uquip, because i think that 3 skeleton worker weapon on the right hand and 4 hydra on the left hand give more damage compare with 2 hydra and 1 skeleton woker on the both hand.
    And will you gonna try to CI with Boned Rune Infiltrator? Which damage is bigger?

  4. Anonymous

    I’m playing pRO Valkyrie Server, and I’ve used the listed weapon stated above, but still it does weak damage,

    So I prefer to use the following weapon stated below, and the damage is a lot more greater.. But still the damage is not that strong..

    +8 Assassin’s Damascus(Bravery Badge) Right-Hand
    +7 Assassin’s Damascus(Bravery Badge) Left-hand

    Please give me any idea for the status distributions so that I would have any idea to make my GX stronger, helps are very well appreciated..

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