War of Emperium (WoE)

How To Win A WOE Match When you got Less number of Guild Members In Your Guild

How To Win A WOE Match When you got Less number of Guild Members In Your Guild?

The Answer Is here…

Most of the Guild members and masters think that making Emperium As Host and break it at last 3 mins of the WOE is a good strategy.But I will say they are completely wrong.Making Emperium as host is a good Idea if and only if your guild got many members and they are strong enough to face opponents which are coming continuously using castle Flag.

Best Strategy is to make one of your member (breaker) to make another guild with 1or 2 breakers. And take all of them in your party of original guild so that your guild members cannot attack this people. Remember Never Make your 2nd guild As Ally Or else this Strategy will not work. Now try to break Emperium of other guild some how with your original guild that is your main guild and then make way to your new guild to enter the castle and stay near Emperium. If you think that now you cannot Stop the opponents then allow those breakers to leave party and break the Emperium then as they break you again come back asap with your Main guild and invite them in party and keep defending the castle again when you think that you cannot hold the castle then ask your main guild breakers to leave party and break the Emperium. Continue this process so that other people cannot even touch your Emperium.

For this Strategy you will require around 2 to 6 breakers (equally divided in both guild and the breakers must be enough fast to break in 2-3seconds , you must keep atleast 2 breakers in both guild to avoid the risk of any of them getting Disconnected or Die During woe).

This strategy I Personally Use when in any server I got less members in my guild and it works lot.

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