Ragnarok Online Ktullanux Summoning guide

Quest Name:- Ktullanux Summoning guide
Item Requirements:
– Hammer[2] x 1
– Blank Scrollx 1
– Rough Wind x 5
– Base Experience: 700,000
– Ice Powder (Freezing Snow Powder) x 4
– Be able to summon Ktullanux (MVP) for every 4 Ice Powder or 4 Ice Scales used.
– Be able to sell Ice Hearts for 375z each to a specific NPC.
Quest Repeatable: No
Step 1: Find Sincere Follower Urstia at Rachel (157,183). She is located a little north from the center fountain. Shows interest to her talk of Freya, she will tell you about her son. Accept her request at the end of the conversation, she will give you a Gray Necklace (Ashy Necklace). You will need to take the necklace to Maheo in the Ice Dungeon.

Step 2: Go find the Man Stuck in Ice in Ice Dun Lvl 2 (120,105) . Talk to him, he is Maheo who Urstia is looking for. He will agree to help you to shine the necklace but you have to get him out of the ice first. To do that, he will ask you to find his master who is located near Freya’s Spring.

Step 3: So go find Hamion at Rachel (265,98), just a little south from the East Entrance of Rachel by the water area. He will ask you to bring him 1 Hammer [2], 1 Blank Scroll and 5 Rough Wind in order to create the magical artifact that will break the ice that is trapping Maheo. You can get the Black Scroll in the Sage Academy in yuno (the Seller is very close to the entrance).

So find these items and bring them back to him. He will use them to create a Hammer of Wind. Now go back to Maheo and break the ice to free him.
Once you done that, he will help you shine the necklace. The Gray Necklace (Ashy Necklace) will become a Shining Necklace(Sparkling Necklace). You will also obtain 4 Ice Powder (Freezing Snow Powder). Now you can take the necklace back to Urstia and she will reward you with 700,000 base experience points as appreciation.

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