Guild Treasure Boxes
– Only a Guild Leader can enter the treasure room.
– You can only invest if you have added the skill “Merchant Trading”
– Talking to the NPC in Guild House allows you the option of investing.
Investing Zeny To Obtain Guild Treasure Boxes
– Each day, you can only invest two times.
– The current investment will be 4 times more expensive than the previous one.
– After Investing 5 times, a Guild Treasure Box will appear.
– After investing around 5-9 times, the total amount of Guild Treasure Boxes will be around 4.

God Like Equipments
– Materials to make them are only obtainable from Guild Treasure Boxes
– The drop rate of a material is 1/250 or 0.4% chance
– To make matters worse. Each Guild House can only have 1 Specific kind of material
– For example Payon Guild House 4 is the only guild that you can obtain the Symbol of the Solar Sun God. Btw, this is the one and only way to make the helm.
Weapon Type: Mace
Weapon Level: 4
Weapon Attack: 250
Required Level: 98
Weight: 600
+15 Str
+ 40 Dex
Increased Atk Rate
Guild Box Materials Required:
02 X Thor’s Iron Gloves
04 x Iron Maiden
05 x Valkyrie’s Rage
05 x Cat Drop
05 x Statue Of Waves
Normal Materials Required:
20 x Orideon
05 x Elunium
40 x Gold
02 x Spanner
Equipment Type: Shoes
Defence: 1
Required Level: 95
Weight: 350
+10% Max HP/SP
+15% SP Regen Rate
+10 Magic Defence
Increased Walk Rate
Guild Box Materials Required:
03 x Unknown Gear
05 x Angel’s Feather
03 x Soul Of Fish
03 x Symbol Of Solar God
03 x Sound of Spirits
Normal Materials Required:
20 x Gold
10 x Elunium
01 x Oridecon
02 x Slotted Boots
Equipment Type: Accessory
Defence: 1
Required Level: 95
Weight: 150
+ 3 Strength
+ 3 Agility
+ 3 Vitality
+ 3 Intelligence
+ 5 Magic Defence
Guild Box Materials Required:
04 x Freya’s Jewel
04 x Silver Decoration
03 x Snow Crystal
03 x Quiet Wave
03 x Statue Of Flowing Air
Normal Materials Required:
02 x Sapphire
03 x Pearl
10 x Opal
05 x Ruby
20 x Gold
01 x Necklace
This is not an equipment. It is a material required to make Thor’s Belt
Guild Box Materials Required:
04 x Paw print of cat
05 x Beard of woman
04 x Root of stone
03 x Saliva of bird
03 x Muscle Of Bear
Thor’s Belt
Equipment Type: Accessory
Defence: 2
Required Level: 90
Weight: 800
+ 40 Strength
+ 7 Magic Defence
Materials Required:
01 x Glyphner
10 x Gold
10 x Sapphire
05 x Oridecon
01 x Belt
Solar God Helm
Equipment Type: Helmet (All slots)
Defence: 4
Required Level: –
Weight: 240
+ 3 Strength
+ 2 Intelligence
Materials Required:
01 x Symbol Of Solar God
40 x Steel
02 x Oridecon
10 x Gold
40 x Coal

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