Acolyte to Sura Skill Tree for Gate of Hell Build

I had received few requests for acolyte to sura skill tree from my readers so I made this post specially for them :-).


Acolyte Skills:

Divine Protection Level 10
Demon Bane Level 10
Ruwach Level 1
Pneuma Level 1
Teleportation Level 2
Warp Portal Level 4
Heal Level 4
Increase Agility Level 5
Decrease Agility Level 1
Blessing Level 10
Cure Level 1
Holy Light Level 1 Quest Skill

Screenshot: Click Here


Champion Skills:

Iron Hand Level 7
Spirits Recovery Level 2
Call Spirits Level 5
Absorb Spirits Level 1
Triple Attack Level 5
Body Relocation Level 1
Dodge Level 5
Investigate Level 5
Finger Offensive Level 5
Steel Body Level 3
Blade Stop Level 5
Critical Explosion Level 5
Asura Strike Level 5
Chain Combo Level 3
Combo Finish Level 3
Palm Push Strike Level 2
Tiger Knuckle Fist Level 2
Chain Crush Combo Level 4
Dangerous Soul Collect Level 1
Ki Translation Level 1 Quest Skill
Ki Explosion Level 1 Quest Skill

Screenshot: Click Here


Sura Skills (GOH Build):

Dragon Combo (Twin Dragon) Level 1
Earth Shaker Level 2
Fallen Empire Level 3
Tiger Cannon Level 5
Rampage Blaster (Explosive Spirit Shot) Level 3
Cursed Circle Level 5
Windmill Level 1
Rising Dragon Level 10
Assimilate Power Level 1
Power Velocity (All Spirit Injection) Level 1
Gate of Hell (Rakshasa Phoenix Destruction Fist) Level 10
Gentle Touch – Quiet (Pressure Point: Silence) Level 3
Gentle Touch – Cure (Presure Point: Recovery) Level 1
Gentle Touch – Energy Gain (Pressure Point: Energy Gain) Level 3

Screenshot: Click Here


I will soon make a complete guide for sura. If you want to know about stats or equips then you can refer the old sura guide (click here) but that’s outdated and not proper so I will make a proper guide asap.


Credits: ValkyrieStyle (For helping me with Sura Skills.)

Shura: Gate Of Hell Build [High Rate] 150 base and 50 job levels

Damage of Gate of Hell depends on following 4 things:
  • Amount of HP remaining
  • Base Level
  • Max SP
  • Attack (Focus more on attack gears to increase GoH damage)

Stats (Base) :

STR: 100-120
AGI: 1
VIT: 95-115
INT: 60-70
DEX: 80-100
LUK: 40-60 (Helps to increase attack)


Headgear: Baphoment Horns / Flying Evil Wing + Incubus card /
Mid: Robo Eye/ Sunglasses[1]+ Maya Purple or Kiel-D-01 card
Lower:  Father’s White Moustache / Gangster Mask / Pirate Dagger

Armor: Valkyrie or Diabolus Robe + Tao Gunka Card (Its the best card for this build)

Weapon: Calga Mace / Luna Kaleet + Thanatos / Incarnation Samurai  + Turtle General Card

Shield: Valkyrja’s Shield+ Thara Frog and Horn card  / NeoValkyrja’s Shield  

Garment: Aesprika / Proxy Skin Fragment(Nydhorgg’s Shadow Garb) + Deviling Card / Raydric Card 

Shoes: Sleipnir / Variant Shoes 

Accessory: Megingjard / Neo Skull Ring / Brisingamen or Bradium Ring / Orlean’s Gloves + Zerom Card/ Mantis Card/ Berzebub Card /Smokie Card
Accessory: Same As Above

Note: Try to use as many foods & buffs you can like eg: Int,Vit,str,luk &  Dex foods and Box Of Gloom, etc.

Since you are on high rate server then you have variety of equips available so try to use the best gears which will boost your Attack and Max HP.


In the above screenshot I have used same stats and equips that I had mentioned in this post above.
For more damage I have used Dex +10, Agi +10, Vit +10, Int+ 10 Foods , Box of Gloom, Box of Resentment, Level 10 Blessing & Increase Agility, Dangerous Soul Collect, Gentle Touch – Change Level 5, Critical Explosion Level 5