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Guillotine Cross- My Cross Impact Equips Info

Tips: Try to use as many foods & buffs you can like eg: Str,Vit,Agi &  Dex foods and Box Of Gloom,Box of Resentment,Alovera etc. Don’t forget to take soul link because you can keep using cross impact without any delay and also use venom impression on your opponents and use poison on your weapon coz this […]
by Siddharth Naik / September 23, 2011 /In Thief Branch

Increase Cross Impact Damage.

Please check the new guide: Click Here & Here IF you want to really increase the damage of Cross Impact then you must try to get the following Equipments. Best:- Headgears:- Gigantic Majestic Goat (Baphoment Horns)Mid:- Masquerade/Evil Wing Ear/ Angel Wing EarLower:- Assassin Mask/Gangstar MaskArmour :- +7~+9 Chain Mail[1]  /  +7~+9 Thief Clothes[1] / +4~+9 Diabolus Armor[1] […]
by Siddharth Naik / June 7, 2010 /In Thief Branch
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