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Ragnarok Online Ktullanux Summoning guide

Quest Name:- Ktullanux Summoning guide Item Requirements: – Hammer[2] x 1 – Blank Scrollx 1 – Rough Wind x 5 Rewards: – Base Experience: 700,000 – Ice Powder (Freezing Snow Powder) x 4 – Be able to summon Ktullanux (MVP) for every 4 Ice Powder or 4 Ice Scales used. – Be able to sell Ice Hearts for 375z each to a specific NPC. Quest Repeatable: No Step […]
by Siddharth Naik / April 9, 2010 /In Quest

Ragnarok Online How to do the juice quest

How to do the juice quest: To do the juice quest, you first need a piece of meat.Meat x1 You can find a meat merchant in Prontera (63,124) who will sell it to you for 50z, or 38z fully discounted. Go upstairs in the PVP room in Prontera (204,188). Talk to the mother, then to her […]
by Siddharth Naik / April 9, 2010 /In Quest

Ragnarok Endless Tower Quest Guide

Ragnarok Endless Tower Quest Basic Requirements:- Your Base Level And other Party member’s Base Level Must be atleast 50 Without Party you cannot Enter, So Party Is Must with atleast 3 Memeber 10,000 zeny each person , time fee upto next 4 hrs Ragnarok Endless Tower Quest 1. To Start the quest you need to […]
by Siddharth Naik / March 15, 2010 /In Quest
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