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Creator : Slim Potion Pitcher Build (SPP)

Slim Potion Pitcher skill is often neglected by most of the Creators but it can be a best supportive skill in WoE as it help your guildmates to survive longer. A Creator should have level 10 Slim Potion Pitcher skill for throwing White Condensed Potions on Allies and also can use Full Chemical Protection skill […]
by Siddharth Naik / May 15, 2012 /In Merchant Branch

My DPS And High Dex Creator Gear info

In the following screen-shots i have used level 10 Increase Agility & Blessing and Berserk potion on my creator. Note: Try to use as many foods & buffs you can like eg: Int &  Dex foods and Box Of Gloom (I have not used any foods or boxes in the following screenshots) All the Equipments […]
by Siddharth Naik / September 3, 2011 /In Merchant Branch

My Few Whitesmith/Mastersmith Equipment Details

Note: All the Equipments are available in game via quest or monster drops. Custom equipment are not included. Cart termination damage does not increase by using any damage increasing cards like hydra,skeleton worker,minorous etc. You have to use Attack cards like Zipper Bear or Andre Card. To get max Damage you need to keep your […]
by Siddharth Naik / February 3, 2011 /In Merchant Branch
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