Guillotine Cross- My Cross Impact Equips Info

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  1. Gabby01 says:

    Nice ganda build koya! xD :D

  2. Anonymous says:

    dame los stad porfavor

  3. gabby01 says:

    Plss speak ENGLISH! :D

  4. Anonymous says:

    low vit and 1 int? low def and mdef, you will have to carry lots of pots to be MVP and high-crit attacks will easily take you down.. that’s a build that is very hard to level-up

  5. Admin says:

    This build is not for level-up or MVP

  6. iamAR says:

    just 1 question..
    its about your dex, is that enough to hit a character with 120 agi?
    by the way, nice set men..

  7. iamAR says:

    by the way..
    what weapon is that?
    i can’t find it in any sites, is that a scalpel[3]?
    that last set of yours

  8. Thanks iamAR for reminding about the Dex part, i forgot to update it.

    Yes that is Scalpel [3]/ Mes[3]

    Guide Updated :D

    Sorry forgot to mention but about that part, thanks for reminding ^_^

    Guide Updated :D

  9. Anonymous says:

    this is very good guide..from rich funded to mid funded..can i know which server is this?iro or private server?

  10. It was a private server

  11. Anonymous says:

    Hai Siddharth…can u post crit sin build?iam playing iro right now…just want to know the highest damage crit sin equipment n build..iam following your post n still trying to make my GSIN just like yours…

  12. I will try to make one soon :D

  13. Nikz Gonzi says:

    what if in our server the megingjard and medalion doesnt exist?what would be my highest damage set that u could suggest. .captain manteau set are attainable from BG in our server..should i go for d.armor+3str and bloodied shackles set or captain manteau set with what accessory?? waiting for ur reply sir thanks a lot :)

  14. Nikz Gonzi says:

    btw we also dont have the assasins damascus..maybe ill go with 2 naght weapon..all i wanna know sir again sir is about my eq accessory question :P thanks w8ing for ur reply :P

  15. For more damage you can go for d.armor +3str and bloodied shackles set….and captain manteau is more towards damage resist from demi humans…so I would say if you want to go for pure high damage then forget resistance gears or else make a balanced gears of resistance+damage. (I personally keep 3 kind of set Highest damage, Medium Resist+Medium Damage, Low damage+High resist depending on my opponent I keep them switching)

    For accessory you can either use Bloodied Shackles combo or Bradium Ring with Mantis Card.

  16. warcold says:

    Update it again and whats your stats? – Max dmg doing with impact cross?

    • Siddharth Naik says:

      Hi Warcold,

      Soon I am coming up with all new guides, currently I am busy with my exams..After that I will update this site for sure :D


  17. Duff! says:

    what is the difference between using swords/dagger against katars in the final damage? I dont have the medals to buy a glorius katar, I have a +7 bravery katar, would be a good option to use dagger or sword battleground in the right hand and a ice pick in the left? and what will be a great skills set lits for this kind of Gx

  18. Rezzha says:

    i think better mes than Twin Edge of Naght Sieger , because mes is dagger

    • Warcold says:

      Not is not better than nag, nag is sword and elemental weapon, :), better mess in left and nag in right, heh, mess with pheronni or 3 mummys and nag with hydras and 2x skel worker for 30 atk and dmg to human :)

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