My Few Whitesmith/Mastersmith Equipment Details

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15 Responses

  1. I haven’t tried these type of builds thank for giving me some really good ideas to try!

  2. Thanks for the equipement information

  3. ArckhaM says:

    Happened to be looking for a Terminate build and saw this. And you have Entrecard too XD

  4. Xxxd says:

    How about thanatos vrang whitesmith & phreeoni card for weapon?

  5. jettjett says:

    hey how about Inca card ? +10 Orchish w/ 1 doppel 1 phreeoni 1 zipper 1 inca ? isnt that good enough ?

    • Siddharth Naik says:

      Hi Jettjett,

      Yes it is good combo for high rate servers but I am not sure about incantation samurai card or you can try thanatos card.

  6. sanoyu says:

    ty info

  7. chintesh says:

    Bro that’s a very nice guide, btw on which server do u play RO ?? u ever used to play inRO ??

    • Siddharth Naik says:

      Got a long list :P

      • chintesh says:

        lol hahaha :D
        btw m rite now playing on an indian server called inRO Reborn if ever u are interested to join an indian server. Also let me know any indian community server/ indian server which u are playing and is a good one to join. :)

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