What Do Pet Eat

Pet Name – Pet Food Name

Small Size Pets:-
Chonchon-Pet Food

Steel Chonchon-Iron Ore

Hunter Fly-Red Gemstone

Picky-Red Herb

Lunatic-Carrot Juice

Baphomet Jr.-Honey


Baby Desert Wolf-Pet Food

Savage Babe-Pet Food

Smokie-Pet food

Yoyo-Banana Juice

Dokebi-Pet Food

Medium Size Pets:-

Poring-Apple Juice

Drops-Yellow Herb

Poporing-Green Herb

Rocker-Pet Food

Munak-Pet Food

Bongun-Pet Food

Earth Petit/Petite-Pet Food

Alice-Pet Food

Orc Warrior-Pet Food

Spore-Pet Food

Poison Spore-Pet Food

Sohee-Pet Food

Zealotus / Zherlthsh-Immortal Heart

Large Size Pets:-

Isis-Pet Food

Pet Food Can Be Bought From Pet Groomer And Tool Dealer Shops.

Guide For Juice making can be foundĀ Here

The Size Of Pets Are Based on Ratemyserver.net Monster Information.

The Above Image Of Pets Are Take From Ratemyserver.net

For More Information Like Where to Find this Monster and Other Pet Food Check RMS

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