Ragnarok Online List Of Best Sniper/ Ranger Equips for High Rate Server

This is my list which I use in a high rate and super high rate servers.

Format:-  card name-found where-which property to use to kill that monster

Ranger equips Card Details Required for Top Builds
Head gear cards
kiel cardx2-kh_dun02-holy
Lord Knight Card-lhz_dun03-water
Maya Purple Card-gld_dun03-anthell01-fire
Orc Hero Card-gef_fild14-gef_fild02-fire
Armour cards
Alicel Card-kh_dun02(30)-any except ghost
Evil Druid Card-gl_cas02-gl_church-gl_chyard-holy/fire
Ghostring Card-gld_dun04-pay_fild04-prt_maze03-treasure02-ghost
Marc Card-iz_dun03-wind
Porcellio Card-ein_fild10(30)-ein_fild09(70)-ein_fild08(10)-ein_dun01(30)-fire
RSX 0806 Card-ein_dun02-any except ghost
Tao Gunka Card-beach_dun-anyexcept ghost
Weapon cards
Abysmal Knight Cardx20- gefenia01(10),02,03,04-holy
Atroce Cardx5-ra_fild02,03,04-ve_fild01,02-holy
Doppelganger Cardx3-gld_dun02,gef_dun02-holy
Hydra Card  x5-bra_dun02(40)-iz_dun02(40)-wind
Lord of Death Cardx2-niflheim-holy
Phreeoni Card-moc_fild17-any except ghost
Minorous Cardx4-moc_pryd05(60)-in_sphinx4(50)-water
Randgris Card-odin_tem03-shadow
Skeleton Worker Cardx2-mjo_dun03(70)-holy
Whitesmith Card-lhz_dun03-fire
Shield cards (used for fa build and pro builds)
Golden Thief Bug Card-prt_sewb4-water
Maya Card-anthell02-gld_dun03-fire
Thara Frog Card-beach_dun3(50)-wind
cards in footgear
Fallen Bishop Hibram Card-abbey02-holy
Cards in accessory
Horong Card -pay_dun04(30)-water
Ifrit Card-thor_v03-water
Smokie Card-pay_fild09(80)-fire
Cards in garment
Assassin Cross Card-lhz_dun03-holy
Deviling Card-yuno_fild03-pay_fild04-holy

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